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Is the Whole World Insane?

People write the weirdest
misleading links to my website. I can't understand it. For over six months now, one shemale porn paysite's free pages have contained a link to in huge font claiming "TRANSSEXUAL LADYBOY PICS HERE!!!!" This link has brought me hundreds and hundreds of visitors, but since my entire site contains barely fifteen image files, of which only one file even depicts life forms at all, and none at all depict any life forms shown below the neck, these hundreds of visitors must go away extremely disappointed. I can only hope they don't suppose that I intentionally misled them with false advertising. I am absolutely completely bewildered as to why the hell the porn paysite wished to direct its visitors to me in search of "transsexual ladyboy pics."

Anyway, there's a brand new misleading link out there this week, and it's just as baffling as the porn one. I'm currently getting several hits a day from this site, which links to mine with the following statement:
By the way, if you are looking for crappy music, like pop, rap, Creed, Ricky Martin, etc., look here.
I haven't got a single sound file of any kind on my entire site. What the hell is that about??????
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