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It's My Wedding Anniversary!

Today is my parents' wedding anniversary. Their 29th. It's also my grandparents' wedding anniversary - I'm not sure what number it is for them. 55th? 56th? Something like that. My maternal grandparents - the only grandparents who stayed married. (The other pair only made it to around their 10th. Thankfully I never met my abusive paternal grandfather, and he's not even aware I was ever conceived, though rumor has it he's still alive somewhere up in Oregon.)

Anyway, as a child I was also sort of raised to expect that today would someday be my wedding anniversary too. So maybe I should marry someone today. I was thinking of this earlier today, but there was nobody around, not even the stray neighborhood cat who stops by occasionally. And really, the cat has some distinctly annoying personality problems so I wouldn't really want to marry him anyway. I just don't know anybody else around here.

Anyhow, there's only about half an hour left of the day now so I guess if I'm going to marry anybody today it'll have to be a real rush job.

Actually, there was one human being I came into contact with today. He was knocking my door and I looked through the peephole at him. It was an Asian guy, thirtysomething, distinctly awkward-looking somehow and conveying an instant impression of complete social ineptitude. So, kind of my type I guess. Anyhow, he was knocking on my door, and I hate it when people knock on my door, because I never have any clothes on so I can never answer it. But I always look through the peephole to make sure they're not anyone I know or someone who, for example, might have a key and come barging inside. After I ascertain that they're total strangers who don't seem to have a key, I just stand and watch them silently and wish they would go away. Eventually they do. This guy did too, but not before knocking repeatedly for ten minutes and then coming back again half an hour later and knocking for another five minutes. But he was knocking on the doors across the hall and next door from me too, so he didn't seem terribly particular about who he wanted to talk to. Anyway, none of them were answering his knocks either.

But perhaps he was my intended! Alas, I never answer my door. So much for him, I guess. Here comes another year of singlehood and solitude.
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