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Bowie-themed LiveJournal Comment Links

I predict that the next big trend in songwriting will be for songwriters to compete over who can write the rhyming couplets that convert best to LiveJournal comment links. Quite a while ago I was much taken by theobscure's Depeche Mode comment links: 3 believers | Lift up the receiver. Today I decided to try to write Bowie-themed ones. Actually I don't think I'm going to use any of them, but the rest of you are welcome to them if you want them. Here they are.
3 weren't there | Pass upon the stair (from "The Man Who Sold the World")

4 shook my hand | Search for form and land (from "The Man Who Sold the World")

2 roamed | Make your way back home (from "The Man Who Sold the World")

3 inside my show | Two new pence to have a go (from "Andy Warhol")

2 in the Crutch-hungry Dark | Flay your Mark (from "The Bewlay Brothers")

1 made of wax | So you can scream and still relax (from "The Bewlay Brothers")

4 heard him too | I had to phone someone so I picked on you (from "Starman")

6 friends at home | Pour me out another phone (from "Drive In Saturday")

3 waiting in the wings | Speak of senseless things (from "Time")

2 New Yorkers a go-go | Talk about Monroe (from "The Jean Genie")

6 powdered noses | Talk of dust and roses (from "Big Brother")

5 put on their red shoes | Dance the blues (from "Let's Dance")

4 colours light up my face | Sway through the crowd to an empty space (from "Let's Dance")

3 windows to see much vice | Touch down with vermin, cowardice, lice (from "Shining Star (Makin' My Love)")

2 gorgeous girls bound to meet | Talk of stars and kings and feet (from "Telling Lies")
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