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Let's Find Out If I Have a Mechanically Inclined Butch Side . . .

My shiny new $12,000 car now receives FM radio! And the CD player has actual "skip" and "pause" functions and all that fun stuff! And the repair was free, because, you know, when you pay $12,000 for a car that claims to have FM radio and a functional CD player, it's supposed to actually have what they say it has.

After taking my car to its doctor's appointment, I drove to Fry's Electronics to buy my computer a first aid kit, in hopes of giving it USB functionality so I can actually use my shiny new digital camera at last. I succeeded in purchasing said first aid kit, and will soon proceed to attempt amateur home surgery upon it. But not until after I finish and post my half-written LiveJournal entries, because apparently performing surgery will require that I knock my computer unconscious before opening its chest with a screwdriver.

I'm still not having any luck trying to reach Mr. Krista before she leaves Sacramento and returns home to the state of Washington, and since she's already missed one plane flight back, I don't think I have much hope of reaching her before she manages to actually catch one now. I suspect Manda of having purposely disconnected her phone after giving me her phone number, in order to keep Mr. Krista all to herself. But oh well, I suppose I can forgive that. If it were me, I wouldn't want to share Mr. Krista with anybody else either.
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