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Pictures!!! Pictures!!! Pictures!!!

Patient's plastic skin was removed two more times, for a total of four. Surgeon has become extremely concerned about possible lawsuits for medical malpractice. However, the important thing is . . . the patient is cured!

The surgeon did have some definite trouble grasping the notion that a computer card which came wrapped in packaging stamped all over with "Handle with Care! Open Only at Certified Static-Free Workstation! Static Electricity Can Damage This Item! Handle Only By Metal Edge! Do Not Touch Any Other Part of This Item!" can only be properly installed by putting aside all semblance of carefulness and shoving as hard as you can, turning the computer on its side and practically standing on it to push it all the way in. Never again will I suffer under the delusion that computer repair is not heavy manual labor. It left me all sweaty afterwards.

But what you really want is pics, right? They're brought to you sponsored by Jodawi today, because David Bowie, my regular web hosting provider, has lazily permitted his broken upload manager to go unrepaired for several days now, and Jodawi comes through where David Bowie doesn't.

Here we have my very first digicam self-portrait ever! In the lower right corner you can see the little bottled thingies on the bathroom counter, because I took it by photographing the bathroom mirror. You can also see the camera itself, which I'm unsuccessfully attempting to hide behind the doorway, except you can't really see it that much because the picture's kind of blurry.

In this next one you can see the camera better, and I temporarily gave up trying to hide it. Attempting to photograph oneself using mirrors poses definite compositional limitations. Also, I absolutely never wear this dress except on Sundays to do laundry in, because I have to wear something to go to the laundry room, and this dress, well . . . I tried it on in a store someplace and immediately thought "Wow, this looks ridiculously childlike and Alice-in-Wonderland-ish! How could any adult be caught wearing this in public? But, but, I must have it! I don't know why! It's just so ridiculous, I must have it!" So now I have it. And I like it, I do like it in its way, but I can only wear it into environments where there's no reason to attempt to look at all dignified or adultlike.

Deciding to go back to my computer and download the pictures to see how they look.

Looking at the downloaded pictures caused me to realize I didn't have my glasses on. I never ever wear my glasses when I'm at home, because I can see plenty well enough to get by around here without them, and having the light glint off my glasses into my eyes actually makes it harder to see when I'm looking at things that I really don't need glasses for. But whenever I leave home, if I go any further than the laundry room across the complex then I put my glasses on, so whenever anyone actually sees me I always have them on. Except when I lived with my parents they used to only see me with my glasses off, because I still always took them off at home. Now they only see me with my glasses on, because their house isn't classified as "home" anymore so I keep my glasses on when I'm over there. It's sort of a weird system I suppose, but that's what I do. Anyway, I decided to put my glasses on and take a few more pictures. I think I look more interesting with glasses on anyway.

I also gave up photographing the bathroom mirror this time and tried just holding the camera at arm's length and photographing myself as best I could that way. Here you can see one of my huge floor-to-ceiling bookshelves around the corner in the background.

It also comes with a little stand so you can attach it to your computer and set it in "streaming snapshot mode" and it's supposed to work as a webcam. I like this next one muchly.

Eventually I did decide, though, that I can only handle so many pictures of me in the silly blue-and-white-checkered daisy-covered dress before it becomes awfully repetitive. So I decided to show you all my atrocious housekeeping skills instead.

And over here we have the view from my bedroom window, looking out over the courtyard of the apartment complex, where the pool is always full of children swimming.
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