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Here, Get in This Cargo Container with 300 Other People and No Air, and Then We'll Shoot at You

Surrounded and faced with only a fight to the death, at least 6,000 Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters surrendered in the town of Kunduz in November.
Several were taken to the fort near Mazar-e-sharif, scene of the deadly uprising.
Around 3,000 were taken further west, to be held at a fort in Sheberghan.
But at least 2,000 prisoners who were supposed to be protected under the Geneva conventions appear to be unaccounted for.
EYEWITNESS: Many of the prisoners lost their lives on the journey and at Sheberghan they offloaded the prisoners who were still alive.
But some of the Taliban were injured and others were so weak they were unconscious.
We brought them to this place.
They took the injured who were still alive and shot them over there and also over there.
. . . The documentary alleges as many as 3,000 Taliban and Al Qaeda prisoners were buried outside Sheberghan under the gaze of American troops.
JOURNALIST: When you brought them here were any American soldiers around?

EYEWITNESS: Yes, there were.


EYEWITNESS: Yes. Here. Maybe 30 to 40.
Citing testimony by commercial drivers and Northern Alliance soldiers including at least one senior officer, the documentary alleges a range of atrocities.
Among them that Taliban and Al Qaeda prisoners were crammed into cargo containers for their journey from Kunduz, that with up to 300 men per container, many suffocated, and that others were shot dead while in the containers, albeit as a gruesome attempt to give them some air.
NORTHERN ALLIANCE SOLDIER: My commanders ordered me to shoot the containers to make holes for ventilation.
Because of that some of the prisoners were killed.
And those prisoners who made it to Sheberghan fort may have been little better off.
The documentary alleges atrocities by American personnel as they interrogated prisoners.
EYEWITNESS: They cut their legs, I was a witness.
They cut their tongues and cut their hair and beards.
I was watching.

from "U.S. War Crimes: Mass grave discovered in Afghanistan" (with thanks to Jurhael for passing on the link to me)
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