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This Is Gayle's Mind on Far Too Little Sleep

Fully three days ago or more, upon hearing of the impending postage rate increase, I resolved to be a smart, responsible and frugal citizen by wisely putting my phone and electric bills in the mail before the postage increase went into effect. They'd been sitting on the table next to my front door for a couple of days awaiting a moment in which I'd be sufficiently un-lazy to bother writing out the appropriate checks, but I responsibly got up, opened the bills, opened my checkbook, filled out all the appropriate information, stamped and sealed the envelopes and was proud of myself for having thus dispensed with the problem.

Unfortunately, today as I was walking through my kitchen I was shocked to notice that those responsibly stamped and sealed envelopes are still sitting on my kitchen counter, now that the increase has already gone into effect. How did that happen? I was sure I'd responsibly delivered them to the mailbox already.

I hate my absent-mindedness.

In addition, during the course of writing this entry I've been attempting to create nutritional sustenance for myself from a box of "Pasta Roni: The San Francisco Treat" (does anybody actually know what bearing San Francisco is supposed to have on my nutritional sustenance?) which called for the addition of a tablespoon of butter, which I successfully added, after which I calmly put the cube of butter away in the cupboard. But then I stopped and looked at the cupboard, blinked a few times and realized that something was not quite right there, so I retrieved the cube of butter from the cupboard and successfully put it away in the refrigerator instead. This left me feeling much encouraged about the current state of my concentrational abilities: if I'd put the stamped and sealed envelopes away in the cupboard today, I would have brilliantly discovered my mistake in plenty of time to correct the problem. Clearly I'm functioning at my best this evening.

But! The next thing I knew, I discovered that I'd added the milk and Special Seasonings to my nutritional sustenance approximately seven minutes too early in the annoyingly long microwaving process. This left me with no choice but to boil the nutritional sustenance with milk already added to it, and as anyone who's as awful a cook as I am has already learned many times from experience, boiling milk produces a big annoying puddle of milk all over the bottom of the microwave. It also leaves me extremely uncertain as to whether the volume of milk currently left inside the bowl bears any resemblance to the volume of milk that was supposed to be included (this is additionally complicated by the fact that I absent-mindedly added about 1/4 of a cup more than was supposed to be in it in the first place, although I may be wrong on that since I've never actually bothered purchasing a measuring cup and thus all my measurements may be atrociously off). And since I've never attempted to make this particular exact recipe of nutritional sustenance before (I've become bored to death with all my usual dinners lately, see, which is hardly surprising when you consider that "all my usual dinners" consist of nothing but two or three different flavors of ramen every single night, but since my poor hypersensitive tastebuds do not deem anything edible unless it tastes like boring barely-flavored pasta, the only possible way I can attempt to relieve the boredom is by switching brand names on the boxes), this leaves me with absolutely no ideas as to whether the substance I've produced for dinner tonight is at all the same substance that the box was intended to produce.

Oh well. It's edible, anyway.

I just wish my phone and electric bills could be as easily resolved. I'd be much relieved if I could just put on some clothes and go drop them in the mailbox and finally responsibly dispense with them at last, but now instead I have to wait and go buy new stamps before I can mail them.

::checks friends page::

Oh! But frankepi is miraculously at least momentarily alive and existing again! In that case, I cannot remain in a bad mood while he's present. All sense of annoyance is hereby postponed until such time as he next vanishes so that I can conveniently try to blame it on him.

Someday, modern science will progress to the point of inventing Non-Vanishing Cute People who are always available exactly when and only when I want them to be. I intend to have my body cryogenically preserved and revived when that technology becomes available.

Good night now.
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