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Foreign Objects Found in Bodily Orifices!

A few weeks ago a LiveJournal friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous unless she declares her wish to take credit for it) introduced me to the Rectal Foreign Bodies page. Not the most dignified reading material I've ever spent an evening with, I must confess, but I certainly never imagined that there was any other page about foreign objects found in people's bodies that would be able to top it.

But I was wrong.

It makes a certain amount of sense to be that objects would occasionally get lost in people's rectums and they'd need medical help to get the objects removed. I mean, it's a bottomless pit that people do tend to put things into. Of course the "concrete enema" story did push the limits of my imagination a bit, but even then, there was something not entirely surprising about it, somehow.

But the Foreign Objects in the Vagina page is a whole lot harder for me to understand. I mean, we're not talking about a bottomless pit here. How the hell can you put things in and just forget about them? How the hell can a woman put a tampon in her vagina and just leave it there for five years until it causes scar tissue to form and separate the cervix from the vagina, blocking off her periods from getting out?

Will some woman please explain to me how on earth she could just forget about it for all that time?????
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