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Happy Birthday Dear Journal

Today is the one year anniversary of the day I joined LiveJournal.

And today is almost over. And I haven't had a chance to wish it happy birthday yet because my home ISP switched ISPs (my ISP is BowieNet and they get their actual ISP service provided by other ISPs) three days ago and still hasn't sorted out all the broken bits that got lost in the move, and my work ISP changed DSL services today and the internet was down at work the whole entire day. I've suffered far, far too much internet deprivation lately.

But now I'm online, and although the email servers are still broken and I'm being driven to distraction by the unpleasantness of having to hunt down all my comment replies on LiveJournal without any email notifications, at least I can wish my journal happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dear journal!

Also, I placed a request at work today for vacation time extending from July 22nd to August 4th, for the purpose of mail-ordering Metacarp for special delivery to my bed for sexual usage, scheduled for arrival immediately following our two consecutive actual human birth birthdays (which, for the record, Metacarp, actually occur on a Friday and Saturday - I was absent-mindedly looking at the wrong month on the calendar before and gave you the wrong days, so in the future you should know better than to trust any information looked up by absent-minded Gayle without verifying it first - but anyway you shall have Saturday and Sunday to yourself and be special delivered to my bed on Monday). The vacation request was granted, so all that remains is airline tickets.

Incidentally, I do not currently recognize myself in the least, but that's okay because whatever alien has taken over control of my body is going to get me laid - and by Metacarp, no less! - so uh, I think this alien should stick around and do nice things like this for me more often. :-D
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