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The LJ Friends Survey

. . . which has never previously been posted anywhere else, 'cause I just invented it today myself.

Among your LJ friends, who is the . . .

Funniest: Embryomystic, definitely.
Silliest: Mere Unit and The Asrai Collective usually, depending on their moods. And sometimes Pekky (especially when she keeps calling me "Child").
Scariest: JohnnyBoysRiot.
Sanest: Caution: My LJ friends list is not a very good place to seek sanity. However, I will bestow that award upon Any and Subtly Ironic for the moment. (Typically though, whenever I meet someone who seems to have managed to be both interesting and sane at the same time, I soon find out that their apparent sanity was merely an illusion fostered by my not knowing them very well yet. It's probably too soon for me to really certify either of these people sane yet; that's just my impression so far.)
Cutest: Oh dear . . . all of them, really!
Most educational: Black_Pearl and Secret_Agent.
Best artist: Any, for her photography. And an honorable mention to Tanis for the line drawings that make me all nostalgic.
Giver of the warmest fuzziest feelings: Mr. Krista, for the frequent writings about kiddo. Kiddo is cool.
Provoker of the most comments from you: Frank Episale.
Owner of the best LJ icon: Hmm . . . a lot of them are good, but I think the first-place award has to go to Black_Pearl.
Owner of the best LJ color scheme and layout: I rather like Dreamer's, Moistgrrl's, The Myst Collective's, and Arhuaine's color schemes. Also, Mere Unit has a cool background pattern.
Owner of the most distinctive writing style: JohnnyBoysRiot, Mr. Krista, and Tikarass.
Most frequent survey answerer: Probably The Asrai Collective, with Arhuaine as the closest of many close runners-up.
First person ever added to your friends list: The Asrai Collective, because I found LJ through something Melody of Asrai had written in the Bisexual Community journal.
LJ Friend who you've actually known the longest: Hmm . . . that would be CazMaTaz, who I knew from BowieNet ever since I joined it in March 1999. Second longest would be Lentrot, who joined my Queerchoice Mailing List in October 1999; and third longest would be Frank Episale, who joined my Queerchoice Mailing List in March 2000.
Most recent person added to your friends list: Artemii, just a few hours ago.
Youngest: Not sure . . . there's a whole bunch of high school students on my friends list, though. Are any of you younger than 16? If not, then Dreamer is probably the youngest. Except that Pattie of The Asrai Collective is only 5, and Daemen of The Myst Collective is also often only 5 (though other times he's as old as 12 or 13), so it's kind of complicated.
Oldest: Well, LJ is suffering from a serious deficiency of 85-year-olds. The age demographics around here are so skewed toward youth that even I'm starting to feel like one of the "older" ones. Of the people on my friends list who state their age, Arhuaine is the oldest, but Feckless is close and I think some of the people who don't state their age are probably really the oldest ones, though I still don't think there's a single one of them who's much over 35. Do LJ users have unnaturally short lifespans or something?
Geographically closest: I guess that would be JohnnyBoysRiot and Whadda, since they're the only fellow Californians on my friends list. But Redwood City is a rather long drive, and I have no idea where the city of Montclair is, and that probably means it's even further away.
Geographically furthest: Sijon is in New Zealand, and Lentrot and Any are both in Sweden.
LJ friend who you entrust your deepest secrets to: Frank Episale.


Have you recruited anyone to LJ? Yes. Lentrot, Moistgrrl, Dreamer (sort of - she'd been on LJ before and left, but I recruited her back), and even one paid member [*gasp*], Frank Episale. I'm such a good little recruiter for them.
Have you met anyone on LJ who you already knew from elsewhere and hadn't expected to find here? Yes. CazMaTaz, who I knew from BowieNet, and Pekky, who I knew from my Queerchoice Mailing List.
How many of your LJ friends have mentioned you in their own journals? Frank Episale, Pekky, The Myst Collective, The Asrai Collective, Holly of Asrai, Moistgrrl, Black_Pearl, Nadine, Secret_Agent, and Kujee.
How many of your LJ friends have you chatted with in real-time online chat? The Myst Collective, The Asrai Collective, Dreamer, Pekky, Frank Episale, Lentrot, and Moistgrrl.
How many of your LJ friends have you met offline? None.
Have you founded any LJ communities? Just the Queerchoice Community.
Which LJ communities do you read from your friends list page? Just the Queerchoice Community.
How long have you been on LJ? Since early July.
Have you observed any interesting commonalities between some of your LJ friends who don't know each other and aren't aware that they have so much in common? Artemii and The Myst Collective both live among families of butterflies (or flutterbies, in Myst's case).
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