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AIM Conversation

Bkp2003: my mom is day, she's okay with my being gay (i recently told her) and the next, every time I walk by her she goes, "no you're not"
QBC 101: glarrghlemphhh.
Bkp2003: hehe
QBC 101: moms have some sort of weird brain damage where their gay kids are concerned. maybe it's some strange medical side effect of birth trauma or something.
Bkp2003: haha
Bkp2003: she blames it on my friends
QBC 101: yeah, they like to do that.
Bkp2003: hehe
Bkp2003: she was like, "you are no longer allowed to have friends because obviously, you don't know how to pick them"
QBC 101: erm!!!!!!!!
QBC 101: what did you say to her?
Bkp2003: "I think it was just that one time I saw you naked that pretty much did it for me, mom"
QBC 101: HAHAHA you didn't!
Bkp2003: yeah I did
QBC 101: oh goddess i adore you
Bkp2003: haha...thank you
Bkp2003: it's strange...everyone thinks I look like the type of person who is a goody-goody, but I end up saying the things that people are afraid to say
Bkp2003: but I think it's a good thing
QBC 101: yeah, i agree
QBC 101: the only thing that i think has helped with my mother is to just refuse to be intimidated by her, to stand my ground and tell her she's just going to have to shape up and treat me right if she wants me to ever speak to her.
QBC 101: i love that you dared to say that.
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