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The Hotel New Hampshire

I keep beginning halfhearted entries and then finding a need to reboot my computer and forgetting all about the half-written entries and so rebooting without bothering to save them first, and then when I do remember about their existence I decide they weren't really worth posting in the first place.

I'm having an extremely quiet weekend. Inexplicably, the huge majority of my usual online friends have lately vanished for indeterminate but apparently very long time periods, and I'm missing all of them—but most of all arsenothelys, who I'd really like to talk to right now and am missing quite intolerably—so I currently have no one to talk to, and even going on AIM, which usually brings crowds of dozens crashing down all around me immediately, doesn't provoke a single word from anyone this weekend. But it's not that bad really—I'm still stubbornly refusing to ever take the initiative and message anyone else myself, and if I were all that desperate for conversation I expect I'd probably get around to learning that hitherto unacquired skill. Instead I'm just settling into an unexpectedly silent weekend, spending almost all of it in bed with a book.

The particular book I've spent the weekend in bed with is called The Hotel New Hampshire, by John Irving, which was highly recommended to me by Jeremy when he saw it lying around at my apartment, and his recommendation drastically increased the speed with which I got around to reading it. I'm definitely impressed with it. In particular by its treatment of rape. I could swear the author himself was raped. If he wasn't, then he's got some kind of world-class genius for figuring out how to write about it.No—even if he was raped, he's got some kind of world-class genius for figuring out how to write about it. I'm definitely impressed.

And now I shall go crawl back under the covers with it. Currently I'm about two thirds of the way through.
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