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Miscellaneous Musings and a Public Service Announcement

Goodness, this book gets better with every page. I shall definitely have to hunt down more books by John Irving now.

Five actual human beings showed up to chat with me this afternoon, for quite a long while actually—and one of my several vanished friends has sort of reappeared, though I'm not exactly sure what's going on with him and I get the impression he's feeling rather the worse for wear. At least he doesn't seem to be planning to disappear entirely, though. So I feel less lonely now.

Also, I finally managed to open a jar of strawberry jam which I first attempted to open when Jeremy was here, and I couldn't get it open, and I had a strange aversion to asking him to perform the traditional male function of opening jars. I've always managed to get my own jars open before, so that ability should not just suddenly vanish when a male is present. So I stubbornly put the jar back in the refrigerator and have been wrestling with it ever since. Today I finally got it open! So I have been consuming large numbers of strawberry jam sandwiches in delighted celebration.

And now, we interrupt this journal entry for a public service announcement.

It has come to my attention that a great many poor deprived people on my friends list are using ancient out-of-date LJ clients that don't do any of the fancy friends-list-organizing, automatic-HTML-code-inserting, and spell-checking stuff that mine does. The Windows users among you should definitely all download the latest version of the Semagic LiveJournal Client which was just released six days ago. Follow the link. You'll be thrilled with what you find!
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