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Today is the traditional wedding anniversary of my entire family. It's my parents' 30th anniversary this year, and my maternal grandparents' 58th anniversary. My Aunt Kitty was also married the same day, in a double wedding with my parents, but she's divorced now so it's just my parents' and grandparents' anniversary now.

Rereading the entry I made on this day last year amused me terribly.

I sent my mother my personality test results. I was excessively pleased that she feels 69% is an inaccurately low score to give me on conscientiousness.

----- Email Message -----
From: Carol
To: Cynthia
Subject: Re: personality test
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 13:04:58 -0700

Dear Cynthia,

> I just took an online personality test at
> and it says that I'm 75%
> introverted, 78% disagreeable (which seems to be defined by this test
> as "refusing to compromise your own needs and desires to make
> others happy"), 69% conscientious, 98% un-neurotic, and 62% open
> to experience.

I believe the others, but are you really that unconscientious?

> Friendliness..............10% - - Low
> Gregariousness.............1% - - Low

If you are that low in those, Paul must be minus 100%.

> Orderliness................9% - - Low

I certainly knew that one!

> Artistic Interests........29% - - Low

That one is a surprise. The ones I didn't comment on are not.

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