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Of Concerts and Rainbow Stickers and Dead Transgendered Teenagers

Tomorrow I'm going to my first David Bowie concert ever! And it's all thanks to Sean, who directed me to the ticket-buying website a few months ago when I'd otherwise have been far too absent-minded and out of touch with the world to get tickets in time.

It will also be the first time I've ever driven to San Francisco myself. What fun! I feel like I should do other stuff too, while I'm there. But I only get off work at noon (I just took the afternoon off), and it's a two hour drive each way, and the concert starts at 3:30, so I guess I won't have a lot of time.

David refuses to ever play in Sacramento. He's mean like that. If he ever came here I'd have managed to see him play long before now.

. . .

I affixed a rainbow stripe sticker to my car bumper this morning in a sudden spontaneous fit of wrath after pure_shite informed me that I should not be allowed to "brandish" the rainbow flag because I'm a disgrace to it. I've decided I need to "disgrace" it a lot more now, until all idiots under the impression that it represents their values cease wanting anything to do with it. TO ALL THE QUEERS WHO HATE ME: Once upon a time, I too used to be flooded with instant joy and feelings of profound soulmateship every time I saw a rainbow flag anywhere. But that was naive of me, and I soon found that quite a lot of the people waving those rainbow flags said hateful horrible things to me, even that they liked Ralph Reed and Jerry Falwell and Fred Phelps more than me. Now when I see a rainbow flag, I no longer feel so reassured. But you know what? You're just going to have to outgrow that same naivete yourself, the same way I did—because from now on, anytime you see a car with a rainbow stripe across it, IT COULD BE ME IN THAT CAR. MY CAR HAS ONE OF THOSE ON IT TOO.

The horror!! The sacrilege! Rainbow flags being disgraced by Gayle's touch! Be properly horrified, all of you.

. . .

The dialogue on my Queerchoice mailing list is making me extremely happy today, though. Every time new people introduce themselves on there, I go right back to being flooded with instant joy and naive feelings of profound soulmateship.

. . .

But sadly, I still have to interact with an awful lot of people who aren't anywhere near as cool as the people on my list. And some of the uncool people are going around killing the cool ones. These kids certainly sound (and look!) like very cool people. And damn it, that's exactly why somebody went and murdered them before they had a chance to grow up and save the world.
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