Gayle Madwin (queerbychoice) wrote,
Gayle Madwin

"Walking in Lavender Heights" (Originally Posted to the Queerchoice Mailing List on This Date)

I'm back again, as promised. And since my feet are absolutely black and blue from walking all over Lavender Heights (that's a nickname for the queer section of Sacramento, California) after work today, it looks like I'm not going to be getting up from the computer any time soon. :) I did accomplish a few things, though--I bought my first Sedgwick book, Tendencies (terrible confession: I've never read a full book by Sedgwick yet!), and I also picked up a lovely little skirt which absolutely any drag queen would drool over.

My feet really are killing me though. They're acting like I walked all over Lavender Heights in four-inch heels. I didn't, I swear I didn't! I was wearing my good old-fashioned men's Oxfords, so there's no way it can be the fault of the shoes. The problem is that I needed to get a date while I was there, so I'd have somebody to give me a good foot rub. Alas, no luck on that front. Maybe the skirt will attract some drag queens for me.
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