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Define "Not Homophobic"

"My mom's not homophobic, she just keeps telling me she'll throw me out on the streets if she finds out I'm gay or bi, and I'm only 17 . . ."

Right. That's not only homophobic, it's also something called "child abuse," in case you forgot. I left a good long rant in response, which you can also read at the link above.

Edited to add: Actually, I'll just paste a copy here in case the other journal is someday deleted:
ok, so my name is Cutter... i'm new to the LiveJournal site, i happened to stumble into this group by accident. i was hoping for maybe some support and encouragement... you see, i want very badly to tell my mom i'm bisexual, but whenever something on that topic has come up in conversation, she's made threats like "you know, if you're gay or bi, i'll pack your bags for you. i won't tolerate it in my house." she's not homophobic, but i guess she just doesn't want her little girl to 'live in sin'. she's really religious and such...
i could probably find a place to live for a month or so if she kicked me out, but i have no job, no stable place to stay, no way to really take care of myself. i want to tell her, but she's not open about anything. i mean, she still refers to 'getting your period' in hushed tones and tampons as 'things' with a nervous wink... i don't know what to do, im not ready to give up my relationship with her.... please help?
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