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People Amuse Me

----- Email Message -----
[They attempted to send it to my mailing list for some odd reason but it only ended up getting sent to me.]
Hi Gayle!
I read up a lot on you and I have to say I've been inspired to wwrite poetry
because of you you're pretty awesome! i even went to your live-journal
You might not like the poem it's the first one I have tried in a while but I
though I would share it with you

To the little whore
Of whom I abhor;
Whom calls herself, by choice, Queer;
I address you now,
You cyst-ridden cow;
Your motives are all too clear.
Your quaint point of view
Is sacred to you--
You're spoiled in your own fashion;
It's to the point which
You act like a bitch
About your little cult passion.
Words cannot express
The disgust which behests
Me when to you my thoughts turn;
A face as ugly as sin
Doesn't even begin
To describe one's looks so spurned.
I find you quite tiring,
Leaving me desiring
Someone not a slave to your view;
Not easily found
Is something as sound
As SweetPrince's words of truth.
Your flaws are exposed
Like short, choppy prose
Beneath his microscopic lens;
So run little girl,
Run fast and then curl
Fetal and cry to your friends.
Banshee was a riot
Which seemed to keep you quiet,
And rarely reply him did you.
But that's just fine;
I'm sure he didn't mind
Sharing his elite point of view.
Pure_Shite got it right-
You're a mental fright-
And I don't mean powerful, dear;
You sleep with a man
Which is why I can
Not help but think you're a bit 'queer'

i rea;;y liked the play-on-words at the end with 'queer' meaning odd- quite
clever, eh ?

insecurity flows
where my gayle madwin goes
and nobody knows like me

no one embraces a slur
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