September 1st, 2001


If You Could Change any 5 Things About Yourself, What Would They Be?

Oh come on, that's an easy one.

1. Permanently cure me of all forms of chronic physical pain (six years of chronic bursitis in my glenohumeral shoulder joint due to typing way too much; inability to comfortably walk even ten feet barefoot or without extra arch support inserts in my shoes due to my having unusually high arches; skin allergies and skin hypersensitivity to things such as clothing tags - note, on Thursday I wrote an entry complaining about clothing tags but on Friday I was again severely bothered by two more of them, and cutting them off didn't help so I will have to rip apart the seam and sew it back together to get the last remains of the evil scratchy paper out).
2. Make me immortal.
3. Make all parts of my body completely immune to all but the most minor forms of injury, illness and degradation. (Occasional cuts and bruises are okay; life might be too boring without them.)
4. Drastically increase my memory capacity so I can actually remember my whole immortal lifetime.
5. That's all . . . I really have nothing else that I want magically granted to me.
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Funeral Rites

Today I formally accepted the death of my longtime partner FrontPage Express, who was murdered at the hands of its parents the Microsoft Corporation, and I gave it an official burial in which I uninstalled its corpse from my computer. Then I got so emotional in my need to escape the painful memories of its demise that I scrubbed its fingerprints off every single thing it ever touched, by using BK Replace Em (excellent freeware utility, by the way) to remove all its "[meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0"]" tags from all my HTML files.

But it still left behind 70 invalid registry entries, most of which I found and fixed with EasyCleaner (another excellent freeware utility), but there's still a dead "Edit with . . ." link on the right click pop-up menus for all my *.htm and *.html files, so I think I'll have to fix that one by hand with regedit.exe. What a mess.

I also had another "get acquainted" session with the two programs competing to replace it, Arachnophilia and HTML-Kit. But I'm just not at all attracted to either of them, so I think I'll still be scouring the personals for better software companions for quite some time.
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