September 16th, 2001


The Future: A Vision

I was thinking today: if only the people of Afghanistan weren't so oppressed, if only they were rich and privileged enough to all have internet access, then lots of Americans would have close friends in Afghanistan and then we'd never dream of bombing them.

Maybe someday, everyone in the world will have internet access, and then war will cease to exist.

Actually, I think our notion of community will just change entirely. People will no longer think of themselves as being from some geographically organized government (government itself will, I think, become ever less geographically divided) but instead as being from versus freerepublic or something like that.

Don't get me wrong: there'll still be just as much hostility as ever. But wars will have to be fought through hacking instead of bombing, because the people we hate won't correlate with any geographic regions anymore.
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