September 21st, 2001


Pacifist Links, Yet Again

"The First War of the 21st Century" by Ted Grant and Alan Woods is probably the most thorough analysis of current events I've seen so far. Warning: it's not written by Americans; in fact, it's written by some of the people in the world who evidently hate America most. This makes it all the more useful an insight into the attitudes America needs to start facing and providing answers to, instead of trying to duck the questions by bombing anyone who asks them. Thanks to Lentrot for the link.

Also thanks to Liz for her latest batch of well worthwhile links.

And extra special thanks to all the people who filled my email box today with declarations that they love themselves. I wish I got mail this beautiful every day.
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Insane Religious Dolts

I was subjected to some religious DJs on FM radio earlier today. It was terrifying. They were all on about how everything happens as God wishes it, and the reason Bush won the screwy election was that Bush is the guy we really need in charge right now, and the reason more than 6,000 people had to die in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania was so that Bush would murder tens of thousands of Afghani people and thereby (!) convert all remaining Middle Eastern people to Christianity [insert sound effects of me attacking radio with hammer here].
"God was my copilot, but we crashed in the mountains and I ate him.", via abstracted
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A Story by Acidexia (, Passed on by Slengtorm (

The Purple Butterflies were happy butterflies. They liked to sing songs about metaphorical rainbows, and dance to techno music. They lived in little tea cups.

The Yellow Flamingos were happy flamingos. They liked to play Twister on odd numbered days, and have conversations about the sunset. They lived in big closets.

One day, one of the Yellow Flamingos decided to piss on a few of the Purple Butterflies tea cups. The piss of the Yellow Flamingo killed hundreds of Purple Butterflies. Flamingo piss was deadly to them. The tea cups shattered into little pieces, crushing the poor innocent Purple Butterflies to death.

The Purple Butterflies cried and cried. How could these Yellow Flamingos be so cruel? How could they piss on their beloved teacups, killing so many of their friends and families? It was time for revenge. They vowed that the Yellow Flamingos would suffer.

The Purple Butterflies failed to realize that it was only one of the Yellow Flamingos who had pissed on their tea cups and killed their friends and families. Instead, they took on a severe hatred for all Yellow Flamingos, declaring revenge and war against them.

Many of the Purple Butterflies even joined The Wing, which was an organization that prepared them for war.

The war began. Millions of Yellow Flamingos were killed by The Wing. Their closets were set on fire, burning them into horrible deaths. Millions more Purple Butterflies were killed too, in acts of angry retaliation.

Isn't this fucked up?

"[I]f the U.S. kills more innocent civilians, recruiting [new anti-American terrorists] will become that much easier, as it has become for our armed forces. The U.S. has, in one respect, already announced that intent, by demanding that Pakistan cut off supply lines for food and other necessities that are keeping alive Afghan civilians and refugees already victimized by the Taliban. If Pakistan complies, the death toll that could directly result is incalculable, and both the U.S. and Pakistan will pay."--"Fanning the Flames of Terrorism"

So much for Bush's claim to be distinguishing between terrorists and innocent Afghan civilians.
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Family Visit

I probably won't be in the #QueerByChoice chatroom on DALnet IRC tomorrow; or if I'm there, I won't be there for long. My father turned 57 earlier this week and I'm going over for dinner to celebrate it tomorrow. And I'm dreading it because there's a 99% certainty I'll be subjected to my family's political viewpoints all through dinner, and I really really really DO NOT want to hear my parents and grandparents advocating murdering innocent people.

I don't actually have much idea at the moment of exactly what my family members' thoughts on this situation really are, since I haven't heard them talk about it yet. But it's pretty much guaranteed that they'll disagree with me to one degree or another, except maybe my brother, who, although he's not nearly as radical as I am, still usually (just by virtue of belonging to a younger generation) somewhat less entirely insane in my eyes. I wish I had a better idea of what to expect of them - if it's possible for anyone to just go about their business as usual and take absolutely no notice of World War III starting, they're probably the types of people who would do that (and unlike me, none of them knows anyone in New York anyway); but on the other hand, my mother loves decorating for holidays, and if she saw any cheap red white and blue streamers on sale in the stores lately and got inspired, it's entirely possible that I might arrive tomorrow to find every square inch of the house and yard draped in patriotic symbols, the furniture repainted in red white and blue, and all the chaise lounges on the patio re-woven with flag-patterned fabric. Not that any of it would hold much political meaning in any of my family members' minds; they're not really any more militaristic than the average apathetic suburban American family, but my mother just loves having any excuse to redecorate. However, the careless tossing about of symbols which are lately being increasingly used to advocate murder would profoundly disturb me, no matter how little my family might mean by it.

Anyway, I'll be back in the chatroom again on Sunday so I'll give those of you who show up there a full report then.