October 29th, 2001


Defending McDonalds

Very Odd Picture.

I hate the idea of summing up a war with only one picture, because it's never that simple; but even so, this picture really had to be seen. In fact, it was so poetically perfect that I suspected it of being posed for the camera or dredged up from years long ago; but I followed the link chain and traced it back to CNN's Pictures of the Week, so it seems to be legitimate.
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Feeding My Six-Books-a-Month Addiction

I'm going used-book shopping online again and I need more recommendations because I get free shipping if I spend $50 and I'm not up to $50 yet. I already looked through all the books previously recommended by people on my friends list, but lots of you weren't around last time I asked and anyway, I need more suggestions now so please recommend stuff.

As a guide to my literary tastes: authors listed on my LiveJournal interests list include: Alice Walker, Allen Ginsberg, Anchee Min, Arundhati Roy, Audre Lorde, Banana Yoshimoto, Bertha Harris, Caryl Churchill, Christopher Isherwood, Don DeLillo, e. e. cummings, Edmund White, Edwidge Danticat, Emily Dickinson, Gayl Jones, Gertrude Stein, Gore Vidal, Haruki Murakami, James Baldwin, Jeanette Winterson, Joanna Russ, Julia Alvarez, Kate Millett, Kobo Abe, Langston Hughes, Leo Tolstoy, Leslie Feinberg, Li Yu, Milan Kundera, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Pablo Neruda, Quentin Crisp, Salman Rushdie, Toni Morrison, and Tony Kushner.

But don't recommend any of those because obviously I've already read them.

Also, recommend mostly fiction because if you recommend nonfiction I probably won't be in the mood to buy it right now. Though if anyone here has read Jonathan Ned Katz's The Invention of Heterosexuality, which I've been putting off buying for a couple of years now, I'd love to hear that one reviewed.

P.S. to Raven: Don't worry, Stranger in a Strange Land is already in my shopping cart.
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