August 10th, 2002


Personality Test

Look! It's another new time-wasting personality test! And I got it from katyha!

. . . And the results don't even seem entirely accurate to me (my level of artistic interests is low????), nor does the format of the test stand the slightest chance of separating reality from my own self-reported delusions anway (um, if there should happen to be a discrepancy . . . I'm in no position to judge . . .).

But anyway, Collapse )

In summary: supposedly I am 75% introverted, 78% disagreeable, 69% conscientious, 98% un-neurotic, and 62% open to experience!

Well, hey, I definitely like the 98% un-neurotic score.

Also, apparently my most uniquely extreme characteristics are that I am only 1% gregarious, 2% excitement-seeking, 0% modest, 1% anger-prone, 2% depression-prone and 0% immoderate—whereas I am 95% imaginative and 95% liberal.

Go me.
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