August 12th, 2003



Ack, fragile. I feel fragile. *peeks under bandage* Damn it, and every time I peek under the top layer of gauze (I never touch the bottom layers, which are glued on), I find I've bled more.

But! For those not too weak of stomach, I now bring you . . . Collapse )
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Next Time, I'll Request a Veterinary Surgeon

So, I searched Google News for news articles involving skin cysts. And I found an article about how much easier cyst removal is with laser surgery instead of a scalpel, how it causes less pain and less swelling and is all over in only a few minutes . . . and how wonderful it is that this laser surgery is now becoming available even to dogs, since it's already been available to humans for the past 30 years.

And I just spent an hour yesterday getting carved up with a scalpel.
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Get Well Cards for All of You

What is with the health of my poor LJ friends lately? Let me introduce all you sick people to each other.

kshatri, your doctor diagnosed you as being currently "well on your way to pneumonia." Meet fightingwords, who just returned home after spending four days hospitalized with pneumonia.

alysia_angel, you recently spilled boiling water on your stomach, and are now suffering from mutant monster blisters two inches wide and one inch tall. Meet lm, who also just spilled boiling water on eir stomach - plus numerous other body parts - and is now suffering from similar blisters.

seifaiden, you had painful surgery performed yesterday which accomplished absolutely nothing useful except to verify that various of your body parts did not actually need fixing. Meet, er . . me, who also had painful surgery performed yesterday which also accomplished absolutely nothing useful except to verify that it was indeed only a mere cyst like I said all along, and not a tumor.

violin, your car flipped upside down at an intersection, and now you're covered in bruises and your passenger has a broken pelvis. Meet . . . uh oh, there isn't actually another person on my friends list who's just been in a horrible car accident in the past few days. I hope there isn't going to be one.

Anyone else? Who else around here is severely injured or ill right now?

Oh, and one more pairing I just discovered, but of a different kind. Today is madcaptenor's parents' wedding anniversary. Today is also my own parents' wedding anniversary. And my maternal grandparents' wedding anniversary too. And an aunt's too, but she's divorced whereas my parents and my grandparents are still married (31 years and, um . . . somewhere close to 60 years?)
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