December 8th, 2003


Educating Children Is Grounds for Being Fired from Teaching in the United States

Look here, I already knew that the scary Christian fundamentalists were trying to prevent evolution from being taught in biolgy classes, but the fact that some of them in the state of Maine are also now going so far as to ban teaching the history of any non-Christian civilization in public school history classes goes even further than I've ever heard of before.

Not that, you know, the really non-Christian parts of history get taught anywhere anyway up until college: the public school high school teachers all over the U.S. are all blithely pretending that people in all cultures everywhere have always categorized themselves as hetero or homo and considered it "normal" to feel incapable of attraction to anyone of the same sex. But still - it just seems to get more ridiculous all the time.

(Thanks to Jayelle for the link.)
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