December 10th, 2003


Jealous Computers

My old computer is definitely not reacting well to being replaced. I didn't have a chance to finish transferring my files from it to the new one when it suddenly started refusing to interface with my monitor. The same monitor that I'd been using for years with my old computer, and which is continuing to work perfectly fine with my new computer at this very moment, absolutely refuses to display anything whatsoever when plugged into my old computer - even though my old computer still appears to turn on when I press the on/off button.

Honestly, couldn't it have just waited another week for me to finish transferring my files before developing this problem?

This first happened several days ago. I tried unscrewing and rescrewing the monitor into the computer, but had no luck, so then I just decided to put it aside for a few days and hope the problem would just go away. But today I tried again several more times, and the thing just absolutely refuses to work.

As far as I can see, my only option now are to either buy a new monitor for the sole purpose of transferring my files (and despite what Frank thinks, I really do not think I have any need to replace my current monitor if only my existing one would please work with both computers), or else lug my computer to my parents' house an hour away and somehow persuade them to let me "borrow" their monitor for approximately 12 hours until I can manage to transfer the rest of my files. The primary person who would be driven insane by my commandeering their computer for 12 hours would be my little brother, who lives with them. Although the idea of driving my little brother insane for 12 hours is not entirely without a certain appeal, I have not yet decided between these two options.

A Froogle search suggests that the cheapest you can buy really horrid awful cheap refurbished computer monitors for the purpose of only using them for one week is about $50. Hmm.
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