May 18th, 2005


The Face Transformer

The Face Transformer is the best Internet toy I've discovered in years! It takes any photograph (well, any straight-on photograph of a face with a closed mouth and preferably neutral facial expression) and changes the gender, race, age, or various other characteristics. See, here's the original photograph of me I took for it this evening.

And here are the modified versions . . .

East Asian

Well, I don't understand why it can't at least make my hair look darker, if not straight, so I hand-modified it to darken my hair. The auto-generated one is on the left and my hand-modified version is on the right. In these pictures, I bear a faint yet unmistakeable resemblance to my ex-best-friend Christine's younger sister, Stella. (Is that why Christine wasn't attracted to me??? It's really rather alarming.)


West Asian

I think what they mean here is what is usually referred to as "South Asian." I haven't heard the term "West Asian" used much. And my hair looked funny again, so again, the auto-generated one is on the left and my hand-modified version is on the right.



Again with the confusingly-named ethnicities. Ethnic groups native to the Caribbean do not much resemble ethnic groups native to any part of Africa. And again with the hair, too.


More Caucasian

Ha, I didn't even know it was possible to be more Caucasian than I already am. The Face Transformer won't let you do this transformation unless you tell it you're some other race than Caucasian to begin with. I told it I was East Asian, because if I told it I was anything else, it would bleach my skin out so far I'd get nothing but a big white splotch. Even here, some of my forehead is disappearing into plain white. I'm really glad I went to the extra trouble of persuading it to do this transformation for me though, bcause I can't look at this picture without being struck by the fact that I've totally seen some people with faces exactly like that, and if I had not done this transformation, I would never have guessed that those people were the World's Most Ultimate Caucasians Ever.


Aaaaaaaah, nobody ever told me that if I were male I would just happen to be the most irresistably adorably geeky-looking male on the entire planet!!! Does anyone know where I can find a support group for people who've developed unconsummatable crushes on alternate-gender versions of themselves?

Also, the family resemblance to my father and my male cousin from my father's side of the family is rather startling in this picture - and that's despite the fact that my father and my cousins on his side of the family all have black hair and much darker skin than me, which means that if the coloring were adjusted too, the resemblance could become even more startling.

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