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Survey, etc.

So I went on another friends-deleting rampage all of a sudden. And then I added back two people I'd deleted in previous long-ago rampages. I'm not sure what the point of it all is, just shifting the weight around. Perhaps I should just take the dishonest route and add everybody but then filter out half of you and just never be upfront enough to tell you whose entries I'm not presently reading. But no: I have a fetish for honesty and forthrightness which will not permit me to be tempted toward any such deception. So, well, you're just stuck with the alternative. If you're on my friends list, I certify 100% of your visible entries guaranteed to have been read by me; if you're not on it, I probably still stop by your journal occasionally (unless you're an Evil Member of the Christian Right or something, but there aren't a lot of those hanging out on my Friends-of list anyhow) but I can't guarantee it.

1. If you had been born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name have been? Paul Vincent. (My little brother ended up as Paul Gregory.)
2. Would you name a child of yours after yourself? No. Kids should not be requested to resemble their parents.
3. If you would switch names with one of your friends whose would it be? ::blinks:: There's a question I've never been asked before. Um, well . . . Delfe is a good name, and so is Adrienne, and so is Johan.
4. What's one thing about you that makes you unique? Unique? As in, absolutely nobody anywhere at all has it in common with me? ::thinks long and hard:: Eh, nobody else is the full combination that is me. But most every piece of me is true of somebody else too.
5. Do you have glasses? Yes.
6: What piercings or tattoos do you have? None. Imagine that.
7. What school do you go to? None. I graduated from the very un-famous CSU Sacramento a little over four years ago.
8. Do you have braces? No, but I had them a little under 15 years ago.
9. Do you have a tan? No. I don't tan. I do freckle monstrously, but I try to minimize that these days.
10. Is it easy is it to make you laugh? Oh yes. It's all too difficult to make me stop laughing, a lot of the time.
11. When eating something are you more concerned with taste or nutrition? Taste.
12: Do you ever feel guilty after eating meat? No. I am a human supremacist who finds it very difficult to be bothered to spare any pain for animals when there are so many humans around whose rights I can be outraged about instead. It's very Modern Western and enculturated of me, but it's very true.
13. What do you love most about the other sex? The fact that they're less frequently obsessed with dieting and ashamed to ever show their face to anyone without makeup all over it.
14. What do you dislike most about the other sex? The fact that they're nearly always bigger than me.
15. What do you understand least about the other sex? Why every single one of them was so utterly alien and incomprehensible when I was between the ages of 12 and 20-ish, and how after eight years of leaving me in such utter befuddlement they can possibly seem so perfectly human and every bit as comprehensible as my own sex now. But then again, it may have something to do with the fact that the ones I used to be baffled by were hetero and the ones I now get along fine with are all queer.
16. If you could be cloned would you be? No; I'd be positive that Simon LeVay would corral my clone someplace and induce her to appear on talk shows proclaiming that she can just feel in her bones that her/my DNA made her gay. Or straight, or whatever she identified as. This would then cause me to vomit so badly I'd die from a ruptured stomach.
17. Who has had the most influence on you? In chronological order: My parents . . . Christine . . . Flame . . . the availability of internet technology (no it's not a "who" but it is so hugely influential that I just can't leave it out) . . . Justin too I guess though not as much as the others . . . Frank Aqueno . . . hmm, I think Jeremy is too, though it's difficult for me to see clearly from this close to the time of significant historical events. Yeah, being unsingle for the first time since 1997 feels like a deeply surprising turn of events whose surprisingness isn't going to wear off for quite a while.
18. Have you ever dyed your hair? No. I have an almost pathological aversion to any form of physical disguise. You know the clothes sometimes sold ins stores which are made to look like there's another shirt underneat them when it's actually only a teeny bit of fabric, or like they're really skirts when they're actually shorts, or any number of other such disguises? Yeah, those. I never ever buy those, no matter how perfectly attractive they might look, just because the notion that I was "fake," that I was presenting a false and deceptive front to the world, would somehow just really bother me.
19. Do you believe in monsters? Yes; they're called The Christian Right.
20. Is your room clean right now? Certainly not by my mother's standards.
21. Do you eat breakfast? Only in the evening.
22. Are you afraid of the dark? The dark where? The dark in my own apartment is definitely not scary.
23. Do you have stuffed animals? No. My only animals are two symmetrical white porcelain cats about six inches high.
24. Ever broken a bone? No. I bruised the bone in my forearm four years ago though, and it hurt like hell, and I hadn't at all done anything that should have provoked such extreme pain. After that experience, I definitely hope I never break one.
25. Are your friends insane? Interesting question. Most of my friends are among the very sanest people I could find on LiveJournal. However, that does not necessarily signify that they're at all sane by other people's standards. They just mostly somewhat saner than most LiveJournal members.
26. Have you ever played truth or dare? In elementary school, yes, but I can't remember any of the truths or dares involved.
27. Are you afraid of clowns? No.
28. Have you ever had surgery? No.
29. Have you ever played hard to get? Not if I was actually interested. I'd be too afraid that the person would lose interest and move on if I didn't take advantage of my opportunity.
30. Do you actually know your Social Security number by heart? Yes.
31. Describe your life? Well, it's very quiet most of the time, and consists of a hateful oppressive environment at work, but nice regular paychecks which keep me comfortably well-fed, and as long as I'm at home instead of at work I'm always pretty much content and peaceful, though I do suffer from a somewhat frustrating tendency to always try to write more in various online forums than I ever usually find the time to actually finish.
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