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Pasta-Roni Recipes and the Great Mysteries of Life

Tell me, why is it that recipes regularly instruct their followers in such ridiculous irrelevancies as the shape of dish they should prepare their meals in? Every single Pasta-Roni box I open tells me in the instructions on the back to put the ingredients in a "round, microwaveable glass casserole." So if I put them in a square, microwaveable plastic bowl, the food wouldn't come out right?

As it happens, I do own a "round, microwaveable glass casserole." My mother made sure I bought one when I was moving out on my own, because she said it was essential to cooking many types of dishes. However, I absolutely never use it. Day after day I rebelliously misprepare my Pasta-Roni in everything from cereal bowls to plastic Tupperware dishes.

All my bowls are still round-shaped though. I think I should go shopping for square and triangular ones just for the sake of being more rebellious.
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