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I've been comparatively quiet lately because I have been processing thoughts and feelings more raw and disorganized than I have been able to put into words yet. The processing is going just fine though, so there is no cause for concern.

Also, Jeremy is very, very, very, very pretty. Just so you know. It takes a long time to process that.

Also, everybody's favorite Satanist has finally joined LiveJournal, so I'd like to introduce you all to the beautiful and fearsome joannasatana, who will very soon begin her usual act of shocking and offending everyone in sight!

And while I'm making introductions, I don't believe I've given proper introductions yet to the equally beautiful and fearsome Mikie and León, who recently joined LiveJournal under the respective names of sapphiretrance and brighton74. They might offend everyone in sight too, but in their cases you might have to speak Spanish to understand a large enough percentage of their journal entries to receive the full benefit of proper offendedness.
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