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Disowning My College Education

"Like any muscle, democratic freedoms atrophy if they are not exercised. That's what Sacramento Bee publisher Janis Besler Heaphy wanted to tell graduates at California State University [Sacramento] when she was invited to give a commencement address last December. 'The Constitution makes it our right to challenge government policies,' she said. 'Our culture makes it our duty. Raising issues. Asking questions. Debating options.' But the students didn't hear her. They drowned her out and drove her from the stage with their patriotic shouting."
from Alisa Solomon's "Things We Lost in the Fire," in the latest Village Voice

That's my alma mater that did that to her.

I shall now go hide my head in the sand and deny ever having obtained a college degree at all. I'm sure it will speak better of my educational level than having my name associated with that place.
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