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Parental Visit

I went to visit my parents tonight, and before I left I presented my mother with my copy of Jonathan Ned Katz's excellent book The Invention of Heterosexuality, with instructions that she needs to educate herself properly so as to cease offending me with stupid heterosexist presumptions.

I still have an email to write to her with further details on that subject, which I had intended to write before the visit but then my computer spontaneously refused to boot up and forced me to spend two hours driving around searching for some obsolete AT Keyboard Port Adapter in order to re-convince my computer that it does indeed have a keyboard plugged into it. I eventually located and purchased the proper adapter and did indeed get my computer functioning again, but it used up the time slot I'd intended to spend composing my email. Blarg. So, I must definitely finish that tomorrow. In the meantime I'm going to bed.

Wait, one more thing. I feel a need to note that today I successfully managed not to run over a deeply stupid and/or suicidal dog which ran in front of my car, refused to budge when I sat there honking the horn at it, followed me into the other lane when I tried to slowly edge around it that way, and then ran after me when I finally got past it, trying to catch up and wedge itself in front of my back wheels and get itself run over that way. The whole experience of trying to get around this dog was rather traumatic for me and then in the rearview mirror when I finally escaped I observed the stupid dog harassing the car behind me in exactly the same manner. People who let their dogs wander the streets loose like that should be sentenced to have videotapes of their dogs being squashed flat in the road forcibly replayed for them daily each morning, noon and night for the following year. But anyway, I managed not to harm it and I am now quite relieved and proud of myself for helping prevent Darwinian principles from increasing the intelligence level of future canine generations.
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