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I need to not think anymore. It's dangerous. Last night I was thinking to myself how nice it is that I don't end to fall down all the time and skin my hands amd knees the was I did when I was a little kid. So on my way out to my car this morning I promptly fell flat on my face on the asphalt parking lot.

It doesn't seem to be as bad as the last time I fell flat on my face out there, last December; I was able to get up quickly and there aren't really massive quantities of blood pouring out. My knees have definitely been skinned but my palms are only barely scratched this time.

But there wasn't any apparent reason why I should have fallen down. The pavement wasn't wet this time around. I'm just clumsy. I'm sick of being clumsy. I want to be reincarnated as a four-legged animal with a far more well-balanced distribution of weight and a thick coat of fur to protect me against all abrasions.

The blood hasn't dried yet. I washed and disinfected it all as best I could but my knees are still stinging.
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