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Visual inspections of my injuries remain consistently reassuring. It's obvious that I didn't fall at nearly the high speed I did last December, and did not remove nearly as much skin, nor do I appear to be suffering from any scary infections with mysterious shooting pains that would require prescription antibiotics again. So by all serious measurements, I'm in quite acceptable health and am not suffering from anything worse than your average skinned hands and knees that most little kids get at least once a month.

However, I'd just like to say: IT HURTS! It stings horribly all day long and I keep bumping the scabs into things and yelping in pain and at work my job requires me to squat down and lift thick stacks of paper from the floor about 500 times per day and it HURTS to bend my scabby knees down that low, and then when I do manage to get bent far enough down I have to use my hands to pick up the big thick stacks of paper and I always bump them into the wrong part of my hand and then I yelp. And all my limbs on a deeper down level are just sort of jarred and sore from the impact, and maybe also jarred and sore from sleeping in slightly awkward positions to avoid bumping my scabs in my sleep.

So in short: it's nice to have the reassuring thought that I'm quite likely to feel nearly entirely recovered within only a week or so, but in the meantime I'm really extremely uncomfortable.

Oh, and pomobarney has just notified me that every baby born in Los Angeles exceeds the maximum lifetime air pollution exposure deemed acceptable by the U.S. government (an amount sufficent to cause a one in a million cancer risk) by the time it's 12 days old. Reading the small print in the article reveals that I, as a baby born in Sacramento, was not exposed to the maximum acceptable lifetime air pollution exposure until I was fully 23 days old.

I have now lived 26 years and not quite two months, all of it in Sacramento.

My high school health books used to carry photographs of "healthy lungs" versus "smoker's lungs." I've never smoked any substance at all ever in my life, but I guess 26 years of breathing polluted Sacramento air may well have left my lungs bearing rather more resemblance to the "smoker's lungs" than the teachers ever told us about.
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