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Election Nonsense

HAHAHAHAHA. I just opened my recently-arrived booklets of information about California's gubernatorial candidates for the upcoming election. The Green Party gubernatorial candidate's statement complains: "Democrats and Republicans are running only men."

The Green Party candidate's name is Peter Miguel Camejo. I grant you that it's not an Anglo name, but he said men, not white men. He looks pretty male to me. The only non-male on the ballot for governor is running with the Natural Law Party.

It's sad because I'm probably going to end up voting for this Peter Miguel Camejo guy anyway, and the rest of his little one-paragraph statement made very good sense. But he really needs to be smart enough to avoid admitting on his candidacy statement that he hasn't noticed he's been labeled a male. Maybe he secretly identifies as a female and accidentally let it show.

Anyway, the entire ballot is depressing and I MISS THE PEACE & FREEDOM PARTY. I was in love with it. I will never recover from the trauma of its sad demise. It was murdered at the hands of the California Democrats exactly four years ago. Since it was a California-only political party to begin with, that means there's now no more Peace & Freedom Party anywhere at all.

I can see that I'm in for another Election Day that leaves me feeling like I got run over by a truck.

I hope nobody wins. Make them do manual recounts for the entire next four years.
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