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Another Dream

Last night I dreamed I had a girlfriend. And my girlfriend had a LiveJournal, but she wasn't Miranda and she wasn't any actual real-life LiveJournal person.

She had pale skin, but not quite so pale as mine; it didn't freckle at all and was devoid of any distinguishing marks. She had plain brown hair, a slightly pale medium brown (lighter than mine), completely straight, and just past shoulder length (shorter than mine). Since the people I've been attracted to have generally been darker-colored than that I'm a little surprised that my sleeping mind would have imagined for me a girlfriend with hair of any color but black, but anyway that's what she looked like.

She was a very quiet non-adventurous kind of person, a little younger than me, the kind who would never ever take any drugs or drive faster than the speed limit. Her taste in clothes was extremely average, normal and undistinguished: she just wore blue jeans and white T-shirts, no makeup, no piercings or jewelry or decor of any kind. Non-adventurous. She was a nice person with a very plain, undifferentiated personality. She was compatible with me; we got along well. She was sort of like a sanded-down version of me with all the decorations and details removed.

We were in my bedroom together, not my current bedroom but my old bedroom in my parents' old house where I lived the whole time that I lived with my parents. We were sitting on my bed talking about LiveJournal, and specifically about how we both had Black_Pearl on our friends lists and we both missed her. (This was an odd repeat of when Jeremy and I had the exact same conversation in real life.) My girlfriend was involved in an online project that Pearl is involved in, so my girlfriend had some more recent news of Pearl's doings these days than I did, and I was listening attentively. We were happy and we were having a good conversation about our mutual friends . . . and that's all that happened, because after that I woke up.

It was a bit sad to wake up because then I missed my girlfriend and I realized I'd never see her again or get to know her well since she turned out to be only a dream. But then at the same time I realized I do have a different girlfriend who's prettier and has more personality of her own and a more interesting fashion sense, so I think I got a pretty good trade.

Still, I wouldn't mind having both of them. The dream girlfriend was nice too.
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