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I hate this time of year! I want to crawl under a rock! Stop hitting me! Stop calling me! Because every time the phone rings I cringe in fear of what some customer is going to yell at me next and it feels like they're hitting me! I never signed up to be a verbal punching bag, I got hired to be an editor! Why can I not even finish writing up my little paper summary of what the last customer yelled at me before a new one phones up to yell other things at me that I also have to write down and pass around the building? I don't even have the power to help these people, I have no authority to give them refunds, all I can do is let them yell at me and then tell them Thank You for Expressing Your Concerns, The Director of Marketing Will Call You Back When He's Available!

It should be over by the end of the week. Mostly by tomorrow. But in the meantime I'm miserable and I want to go home. I hate this. Leave me alone!
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