Gayle Madwin (queerbychoice) wrote,
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Computer, Why Do You Hate Me?

Have I mentioned that I'm extremely clumsy and somehow manage to fall on my face at least once every few months? Well, this evening I tripped over my mouse cord and yanked it out of the computer port. Since then I have plugged it back in, rebooted the computer, plugged it into several other ports, rebooted again, rebooted without any mouse at all, plugged it back in, rebooted again, turned off my surge protector and unplugged the computer entirely from the wall, rebooted again a dozen more times, but my stupid computer insists it no longer recognizes my mouse's existence. So now I'm stranded having to do everything entirely via keyboard. I am not happy at all. I foresee an emergency mouse-shopping trip after work tomorrow.


Have I also mentioned that I am an internet addict fully capable of severe withdrawal symptoms after less than five minutes without a mouse to click on links with?
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