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They're -2.92% Confident I'm Straight?

I took the Gay Quiz which had already failed on Frank Episale but it failed more weirdly on me than it did on him. Here's what it told me:

"We think you are Straight
and we are -2.92% confident with our answer."

Since I followed Frank's link to where he found the quiz from (he found it from the weblog of some straight boy who scored as "gay" and denied that he was, but then mentioned in passing some male celebrities who he finds attractive - interesting, by the way, to see what kind of guys turn a straight boy on; though really, I didn't think very highly of that particular straight boy's taste in men), I know that this quiz does tell some people they're actually gay, instead of merely telling them they're straight and then giving a negative percentage of certainty. My results are just extremely weird.

Actually, it really shouldn't give any percentage under 50% to anyone, let alone a percentage under 0%. After all, wouldn't "50% confident" mean a 50/50 chance, and anything less than 50% mean that they really think the opposite of what they claim to think?

These people desperately need math lessons.
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