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Look, My Tire Is All Round and Un-Floppy Again!

Yay, that wasn't so bad! I'm home in time for the start of the game after all.

The guy behind the counter at Big-O Tires recognized me immediately from the last time I came in (when they informed me that my old car needed $1,500 worth of repair and I told them in that case I'd just buy a new one instead). This was the first time he'd seen my new car, and therefore the first time he'd seen my new bumper sticker arrangement. He asked if that was spray paint on my bumper, then looked closer and exclaimed, "Oh, it's a bumper sticker! A rainbow? You must be a Christian!"

This sent both me and the younger tire repair guy who was in the room with us into a lengthy round of hysterics. I heart the Big-O Tires guy.
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