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Random Oddities

Those of you who watch Enterprise regularly may have seen one of Dr. Flox's alien smiles. His face looks relatively human until he smiles, but when he smiles the smile goes an inch or so wider than any human is physically capable of. And in order to achieve this effect, they have to stop the camera and call the makeup artists over, and then photograph the smile, and then stop the camera again and take the makeup off so the actor can move his face back into a non-smiling position.

Well, just now I was walking through my apartment parking lot and this guy came over to say hello to me in a come-on-ish kind of way - I say that because I crossed to the other side of the parking lot long before he got anywhere near me, specifically to avoid any interaction, but he veered away from his original path specifically in order to get within easy earshot of me and say hello - and then after saying hello, he froze his face in this unnaturally huge smile and just held it there like the camera had stopped. It was deeply disturbing. I think Dr. Flox's species has begun invading Earth.

In other news, I dreamed this morning that I was reading a book of poetry recently put together by my online friends, and all of the poems in it were about each other. There was a poem about Mikie by Morgan, a poem about Morgan by Lentrot, a poem about Lentrot by Jason Grrrl, a poem about Jason Grrrl by Leon, a poem about Leon by Frank, and a poem about Frank by . . . Barry Bonds. It did not actually occur to me in the dream to see anything odd about Barry Bonds having written a poem about Frank, but I was on the page with Barry Bonds's poem about Frank when my alarm clock awakened me, and then I found the idea highly amusing.

Unfortunately I do not remember any of the poem's words. I just remember that it was four stanzas long, it took up the entire left column of one page, and it was written in blank verse.
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