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Another Survey

1. What color are your socks?: Red.
2. What color are your shoes?: Brown.
3. What color are your nails?: The color of my skin.
4. What color is your car?: Silvery.
5. What color is your computer?: Beige.
6. What color are your pants?: I don't wear pants. Right now I am wearing a purple sheet, a pink towel, brown shoes, and an Anaheim Angels hat.
7. What color is your shirt?: See above.
8. Do you have antislip stickies in your bathtub? No.
9. Do you wear a robe around the house after you shower? No. I don't own a robe.
10. Do you get dressed in the bathroom after you shower? No, that would be very silly when no one else lives here. I don't close the bathroom door in the first place.
11. Are you a touchy feely type of person? That is, do you like to touch people you don't know that well? No. I become disturbed by such people. They're usually great-aunts of mine.
12. If you had a big win in the lottery how long would you wait to tell people? As long as it took for me to start believing it, I suppose. Also I'd probably tell LJ people sooner than I'd tell my family. But it would be rather difficult for me to have a big win in the lottery, since I have never played it. I believe in statistics.
13. How many keys on your key ring? Seven. One apartment key, one apartment gate/laundry room key, one mailbox key, three copies of my car key . . . and one key to my childhood home which my parents no longer live in but I haven't yet gotten around to throwing away the key.
14. What kind of doodads are on your key ring? Three different keychain things that say "Cynthia" on them (two given to me by my ex-best-friend Christine, the third given to me by my mother when I got my driver's license), two remote controls to lock/unlock my car, and one remote control to lock/unlock my apartment gate.
15. Can you juggle? No. But, um, I can yo-yo!
16. Can you twirl a baton? Not really. I had one when I was a little kid but I used it more as a magic wand kind of thing and never reallly attempted to twirl it much.
17. Can you ride a unicycle? No, nor a bicycle either for that matter.
18. Last time you had a cup of hot tea? Never. I don't drink tea.
19. Have you been to the state of Arizona? Hmm. I've been near it, but I don't think I've ever actually been into it.
20. Last time you bought a brand new car? Well, I've never bought a brand new one, but I bought a 2001 one last May.
21. How many nephews? None.
22. How many neices? None! My brother's only 22, he's not ready to be a daddy soon!
23. How many grandchildren? Gack, this does not even deserve an answer.
24. Have you ever been to Alaska? No, but princesswitch has.
25. Do you know anybody who lives in Alaska? Well, spee claims to live in "Baked, Alaska," but I do not believe her.
26. Have you ever ridden on a train? Sure, I've taken the Sacramento Light Rail lots and lots of times.
27. Can your spouse sew? Er, I don't have a spouse.
28. Do you have anything that glows in the dark? I don't think so. A shame, because I had so many of them when I was a kid. Half the things I owned as a kid glowed in the dark.
29. Do you prefer color or black-and-white photos? Color. Always color. I love color.
30. M&M's or Skittles? Either.
31. Glasses or no glasses? I like glasses.
32. Sun or moon? Moon. (a) I'm named after it. (b) I never get moonburned.
33. Emerald or ruby? Ruby is my birthstone, and I like red much better than green anyway. However, I do not do jewelry so I can't see what use I'd have for either of them.
34. Sex in the morning or night? I think I'm more into it in the middle of the day than either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. In particular, when I'm stuck at work all day and have to wait until I get home before I can get any satisfaction, I am prone to extreme sexual frustration.
35. Acquaintances or 1 best friend? Best friend, definitely.
36. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? Chocolate.
37. High or Drunk? Neither.
38. Green beans or carrots? Yuck to both of them. Carrots would be marginally barely edible if I were severely starving to death though. Green beans, NEVER.
39. Love or Lust? Lust without love mixed in just makes me unhappy. Love without lust mixed in . . . has never happened to me, and I can't really imagine that it ever will.
40. Hardcover books or paperback books? Paperback.
41. Newspaper or magazine? Neither. Internet.
42. Corduroy or plaid? Both are good, unless they're in ugly colors.
43. Purple or green? Purple.
44. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? This is a cruel, cruel choice to inflict upon me. However . . . friendship.

45. Been kissed? Quite!
46. Done drugs? Um . . . ibuprofen, and the occasional acetaminophen.
47. Eaten sushi? No.
48. Eaten an entire box of oreos? The last time I had Oreos I lived with my parents. Therefore, my mother and my brother would certainly not have let me get away with eating the whole box myself.
49. Been dumped? Technically, no. For all intents and purposes though, yes.
50. Had someone be unfaithful to you? To the best of my knowledge, no. Though I can't say I'd be very surprised if I found out that Flame was. If he got any offers and thought he could get away with it I'd certainly expect he'd have jumped at the chance. But I have no reason to believe he did get any offers, so my best guess is no.
51. Gotten in a car accident? Yes, an extremely minor one that just scraped off a single square millimeter speck of paint and left no dents.
52. Watched the smurfs? Sneaked a few minutes of an episode or two, but my mother said the smurfs were offensively sexist and turned it off.
60. Hiked a mountain? Yes. I've hiked Mt. Lassen, and I've hiked Yosemite Falls and Nevada-Vernal Falls in Yosemite. I think I've hiked a few others too, but I don't remember which. My father and I used to go hike mountains every summer.
61. Stayed home on a Saturday night just because? I do that every Saturday night.
62. Slept outside? Sure.


63. Do you like someone right now from the opposite sex? Ha ha. I like many people of many sexes. :p
64. A slight crush on a certain boy? Oh, a crush! I have quite a major crush on a certain boy.
65. What do you look for in a woman or man? Agreement. Shared views.
66. Who's your cutest friend? That would be my crush.
67. Who do you e-mail the most? That would also be my crush. Hmm, or else my mother. Ha, they should get all jealous of each other now and fight it out for priority in my life. :p
68. Take walks in the rain? I don't take walks, but if I did they'd probably be in the rain.
69. If you got a tattoo, what would you get and where? I don't want a tattoo. I find my unwritten-on-ness appealing. A tattoo would foreclose my options for future redesigning of myself.
70. Within the last 24 hours, have you had a serious talk? No.
71. Within the last 24 hours, have you hugged someone? An online hug, yes.
72. Within the last 24 hours, have you fought with a friend? Not in months and months and months.
73. Within the last 24 hours, have you played strip poker? Not ever.
71. What was the last CD you bought? Alix Olson.
72. Do you like make up? No. I hate the stuff. I hate it so much that I even avoid other people who wear it.
73. Do you ever have to beg? I'm not very good at begging. I just sit silently and sulk and never get what I want because I refuse to beg.
74. How do you plan on spending next summer? With any luck: having sex. With metacarp.
75. They close your favorite hangout - where do you do go? They're closing my apartment?!?!?
76. If you were to spend a month alone, where would you spend it, and what would you do? Does "alone" include "with no internet access"? I suppose I'd write, then. With plans to upload everything to LJ at the end of the month.
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