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Another Reason to Hate Internet Explorer

Dear World in General, I happen to use a very common browser called Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 to access the Internet. There are various problems with this browser, but the most annoying of them is that EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO ACCESS ANY PAGE ON WHICH YOU USED THE "&hearts" HTML CODE, MY BROWSER INSTANTLY CRASHES.

[There's a semicolon that's supposed to go at the end of the "&hearts" code, but I removed it from this post because when I tried to type out the complete code I un-brilliantly caused my own browser to crash when reading this entry</i>.]

My browser has crashed about 14 times in the past three days due to this problem. The code which causes it to crash seems to be undergoing a huge surge in popularity. And every single time my browser crashes, I lose a bunch of writing. Except, of course, for the times when I don't have any writing left to lose anymore because only 1.5 seconds have passed since the previous time my browser crashed.

Now, I do realize that the code which is causing my browser to crash is perfectly valid HTML and should not be causing my browser to crash. However, it is causing my browser to crash. Of course, theoretically I could get a whole different brand of browser, but then of course Microsoft has managed to monopolize various other things which would then not work anymore if I used another browser. Besides, I happen to be slavishly devoted to David Bowie, and although David Bowie himself always uses a Mac and never ever puts himself at the mercy of Microsoft products, he happens to own an Internet Service Provider called BowieNet which I am a member of, and the particular browser into which BowieNet has integrated its little logo and specialized menu system just happens to be Microsoft Internet Explorer. I therefore wish to use it.

I therefore request that all of you out there either promise to never use the "&hearts" code ever again, or else tell me where the hell I can get my browser fixed so this doesn't cause it to crash anymore. I've looked for a patch but I can't seem to find one that addresses this particular deeply annoying problem.
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