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Mohan + Johan 4ever

I am very pleased with my matchmaking skills today! This afternoon I spontaneously set up Mohan and Lentrot together, on the basis of the fact that they are two 28- and 29-year old queer male virgins in search of people to appreciate them properly. The fact that one lives in India and the other in Sweden is sort of inconvenient, but nevertheless I managed to induce much blushing from Mohan and many winking flirtatious emoticons from Lentrot - and after Lentrot left the chatroom to go to bed, Mohan even expressed a willingness to read up some more on Leon Trotsky in order to better charm Lentrot with Trotsky quotes! I think this relationship displays much potential. I am very pleased with my day's work.

Plus, Lentrot's real first name is Johan, which conveniently rhymes with Mohan, which just . . . amuses me, that's all.
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