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[ Do You Have... ]
Any sisters: No.
Any brothers: Yes, one: age 22, majoring in Philosophy, goes by the name of Paul.
Any pets: No.
A disease: No - well, nothing caused by actual viruses or bacteria or other infectious agents, as far as I know. I have injuries and body malformations which go by disease-like names such as "scoliosis" and "bursitis" and "myopia."
A pager: No.
A personal phone number: Yes, but only my one at home. My workplace is so cheap that we all have to crowd onto the same phone number. The receptionist answers the calls first and then transfers it to the appropriate person.
A leather jacket with studs on it: No. I have never owned a leather jacket.
A heroin needle: Uh, no.
A car: Yes.

[ Describe Your... ]
Personality: Low-maintenance, introverted, at peace with myself. Extraordinarily insistent upon making my own decisions without being at all influenced by other people's opinions - e.g., if a person adds me to their LJ friends list and heaps great flattery upon me and also my top ten best friends have all known this person for ten years or more and can't stop talking about how great this person is, I will become annoyed at myself if any of this makes me feel at all more inclined to add them than I would otherwise feel if they were just a random stranger whose user profile I happened to glance at but who hadn't added me at all.
Appearance: I look like your average hairy-legged white female in a brightly colored 1950s circle skirt and men's shoes.
Shoes: Medium brown Florshein men's slip-on dress shoes.
Driving: Undifferentiated.
Car or one you want: Silver 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE. Cost me $12,050, plus about $300 for the security system thing which I didn't actually get around to having installed until less than a month ago and now it's annoying me because the security system causes it to take me several tries before I can get the ignition to start. The system has to detect my little sensor thing and be assured that I am the rightful owner rather than a thief before the engine will agree to start.
School: Which one of my past schools do you want to know about, and why on earth?
Bed: About 24 years old. Has yellow mattress, blue metal frame, severely scratched up wooden headboard, and squeaky springs. Occasionally pokes me with a badly placed insufficiently cushioned spring.
Relationship with your parent(s): They do their best to make it pleasureable for me to continue associating with them. They fail on occasion, but they make the effort and succeed often enough to suffice.
Consider yourself a good listener: To whom? I listen to the people I feel are worth listening to.
Consider yourself a good friend: I can be rather difficult to make friends with, but if you do happen to be one of the elite few whom I pounce upon almost immediately after meeting them and declare that I absolutely must recruit them into my inner circle - then, baby, I'm the best friend you could ever ask for. As for the less elite, well . . . I might not answer your letters as often or as quickly as you'd like, but I endeavor to be a decent acquaintance to the extent that an excessively busy schedule allows. I don't mislead people or leave a trail of broken hearts behind me.
Save your e-mail conversations: If you're a member of my mailing list, I save all email from you except the LJ comment emails. If you're not a member of my mailing list, then you're probably not emailing me in the first place but if you are I'm probably not saving it forever.
Believe in reincarnation: No.
Like to make fun of people: I don't know how to answer that. You tell me.
Like to talk on the phone: I can do it on occasion, but I rarely call anyone for social purposes much more than about three times a year.

[ What Is/Are/Was... ]
Right next to you: 1 stereo CD/cassette player with the cassette half not functioning properly; 1 separate non-stereo cassette player because I haven't felt like bothering to buy myself a proper replacement yet; 7 David Bowie CDs; 7 David Bowie cassettes; 2 Placebo CDs; 2 Patti Smith CDs; 2 Bjork CDs;1 Depeche Mode CD; 1 Depeche Mode cassette; 1 Garbage CD; 1 Garbage cassette; 1 Aerosmith cassette; 1 Boy Meets Girl cassette; 1 Grace Jones CD; 1 John Lennon cassette; 1 Madonna cassette; 1 Johnny Mathis cassette (!!!!); 1 Alix Olson CD; 1 R.E.M. CD; 1 Smiths cassette; 1 "Light Classics - An Evening in Paris" CD; the book Homosexuality and Male Bonding in Pre-Nazi Germany: The Youth Movement, the Gay Movement and Male Bonding Before Hitler's Rise: Original Transcripts from Der Eigene, the First Gay Journal in the World; the book Bisexuality in the Ancient World by Eva Cantarella; 1 Spanish-English dictionary; 1 paintbrush; 1 tube of white acrylic paint; 1 digital camera; 1 digital camera instructions manual; 1 roll of yellow measuring tape; 1 spool of lavender thread; 1 pair of nailclippers; 1 arch support shoe insert; 1 coupon for $1 off a new set of arch support shoe inserts; 1 bottle of acetaminophen; 1 bottle of Witch Hazel astringent; 1 bottle of Sea Breeze astringent; 1 bottle of "Today's Health: Women's Daily High Potency Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement (purchased months and months ago but nearly entirely full because I take them approximately monthly rather than daily); 1 black ballpoint pen; 1 turquoise blue glitter gel pen; 1 red gel pen; 1 purple ballpoint pen; 1 return envelope for a credit card bill which I paid online and thus did not require an envelope for; 1 Northern Sun: Products for Progressives catalog; 1 brand new mousepad with the words "Queer by Choice" emblazoned upon it; 1 sample ballot from Tuesday's election; 1 quarter-dollar coin.
On the walls of your room: 1 David Bowie calendar from the year 2000, currently flipped to the month of August; 1 David Bowie Sound & Vision poster; 1 oil pastel drawing of some girl from my high school who modeled for our high school art class one day.
Your dream car: I'm not buying another car for many many many years to come. The one I've got will suffice as my dream car.
Your dream date: It already happened last July.
Your dream honeymoon spot: I really, really do not get into locations. Anyplace with running water, heat, air conditioning, modern appliances and internet access is all the same to me, unless it's my home or an impressively large library, in which case it's vastly better. (Hey, that's it! I want to honeymoon in the Library of Congress! Do they let people just kind of move in there and sleep between the shelves?)
Your dream husband/wife: What are you, a wedding dress salesperson? Cut it out with the marriage-obsessed questions already.
The single most important question: Do you agree with me? Because if you disagree very much at all I will not bother conversing much further with you.
Your bad time of the day: It's not the time of day, it's whether I'm at work or not.
Your worst fear(s): I don't know. I don't spend substantial amounts of time thinking about any particular fears. I just hope for the best.
The weather is like: Very noisy, and rainy, leaving huge piles of plant debris all over the ground, and when I came home from work today I found than my electricity had been out for three hours and twent minutes sometime while I was gone.
The best trick you ever played on someone: I cannot recall having ever played any kind of trick on anyone.
The weirdest food or drink that you like: I only like the most bland and boring and totally un-weird foods imaginable.
The hardest thing about growing up: Finding a job after college.
Your funnest experience: Moving out comes to mind.
Your scariest moment: Coming out to parents.
The silliest thing you've said: I have no idea.
The worst feeling in the world: A broken heart.
The best feeling in the world: Freedom.

[ the past ]
What is the one thing you would change about your past?: Nothing, as long as I don't have to relive it.
What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?: Possibly typing in a non-ergonomic position too long about six years ago. I'd really like to have 100% healthy shoulders again someday, but that seems unlikely to ever occur. Though they are far more mangeable now than they used to be.
Last thing you heard: The wind outside hurling branches against my building.
Last thing you saw: My computer screen?
Last thing you said: "Oh!" (in response to my boss's running in to exclaim to me that the mysteriously missing file she'd had me spend the last twenty minutes searching computer disks frantically had never actually existed at all).
Who is the last person you saw?: An old stooped-over Russian woman at the mailboxes downstairs.
Who is the last person you kissed? Jeremy.
Who is the last person you hugged?: My mother.
Who is the last person you fought with?: My mother, or else those silly dolts on the Michael Moore "Gender & Sexuality" message boards.
Who is the last person you were on the phone with?: A 60-year-old attorney in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, who has inherited his father's tiny law firm. We had a longer conversation than I usually have with clients and a more pleasant one too. He was a nice, civil, well-mannered man who refrained from tormenting me with any of the difficult-to-handle issues that other clients manage to come up with.
What is the last TV show you saw? Enterprise.

[ the present ]
What are you wearing?: Red skirt, red socks, red hair tie, brown shoes, blue watch, white bra. There was a red shirt to go with it but it's on the floor across the room now.
Who are you talking to?: No one. I prefer not to compose LJ entries and talk to people at the same time. I understand multitasking in the sense of switching back and forth between projects according to my own whims, but I absolutely hate multitasking with chat windows involved because then I'm expected to switch back and forth according to the whims of when other people choose to type something. I can't deal with it. If more than one person wants to chat with me at once, I forcibly drag them all into one big chatroom together so I can stop switching between windows.

[ the future ]
What day is it tomorrow?: Friday!
What are you going to do after this?: Take a shower.
Who are you going to talk to?: No one.
Where are you going to go?: Nowhere!
How old will you be when you graduate?: Uh, I was 21. That was a while ago. :p
What do you wanna be?: Me.
What is one of your dreams?: To write an autobiographical exquisitely poetic piece of prose literature. But I'm making astoundingly little progress for the past five years.
Where will you be in 25 years?: 51-year-old me . . . hmm. Trying to figure out a way to retire, and hopefully feeling much more certain of how to do that than I feel right now.

[ have you ever ]
Drank?: No. Never once. Well, not alcohol. I drink milk regularly.
Smoked?: No. Never once. Not anything.
Had sex?: Yes!
Stolen?: When I was about six I stole a bunch of my little brother's stuffed animals. That's the only thing I can recall ever having stolen.
Done anything illegal?: I've driven a few miles per hour over the speed limit. I can't think of anything else.
Wanted to die?: No.
Hit someone?: Yes, my brother lots of times. He hit harder though; as an older sibling, I had been inculcated from an exceedingly young age with the constant awareness that I must never ever so much as breathe on my tiny fragile brother or he might shatter and die on the spot. He on the other hand had never been given any comparable warnings, so he felt perfectly free to just pound away for all he was worth whereas I was all inhibited and only defended myself to the barest extent necessary. Eventually when he was about twelve I went to my parents and put my foot down in the form of an adamant speech I made to them: "If you don't hurry up and domesticate this wild beast of yours before he grows up to be bigger than I am, I'm going to report you for permitting sibling abuse!" As it turned out he never grew up to be anything bigger than a 5'7"-ish 120-pund weakling whom I could probably defend myself adequately against anyhow, but I feared much worse. They did take steps to domesticate him after that, which was good, because it is much more pleasant to live in a household where nobody keeps hitting you all the time.

[ other ]
Do you write in cursive or print?: Both. Whatever I feel like.
What piercings do you have?: None.
Do you drive?: Yes.
Do you have glasses or braces?: Have glasses, had braces. Braces were exceedingly unpleasant.

[ Fashion ]
Do you wear a watch?: Yes.
How many coats and jackets do you own?: Two, but I only ever wear one of them.
Most expensive item of clothing?: The red skirt I was wearing today. (It's gone now. Oh my, a striptease journal entry! I still have shoes and socks on, just wait till you get to see my sexy feet!)

[ Friends ]
Do you have heaps of friends?: Rather yes.
Do you have more boy friends or more girl friends?: ::goes to check LJ userinfo page:: I have considerably more females than males on my LJ friends list, but this may be influenced by the fact that there are considerably more females than males available on LJ. Among my top 10 or so closest friends, there are probably 7 whose birth certificates have an "M" marked on them. If the question is femme versus butch though, my closest friends both with M and F birth certificate markings are overwhelmingly more femme than butch.
Do you ever get annoyed at any friend?: What kind of question is that? I certainly have at occasional times in my life, yes. Show me someone who hasn't!
Have you ever lied to a friend?: Yes, but I don't think I have in the last ten years.
Have you ever stolen a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend?: What an odd question. Are they really "steal"-able? In any case, no one I was acquainted with ever expressed the slightest interest in either Flame or Justin, so if I ever to any degree stole anyone from anyone, then it would have to be that I stole Jeremy from the various LJ friends who expressed some desire for him. But he was not actually theirs, nor am I unwilling to share him with them now.

[ Relationships ]
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: I'm not too clear on the gender, but I've got something like that.
How long have you been together?: Longer than my previous relationship lasted.
Ever done something stupid to impress them?: Hee. ::contemplates this:: Well, not really. Should I? Please, everyone must now suggest incredibly stupid things I can do to make a fool of myself, since this is apparently an important relationship milestone.
Have you ever experienced unrequited love?: Is there any postpubescent person on the entire planet who hasn't?
Do you find it romantic or hurtful?: !!! Rub it in, why don't you? I found it to be plenty of both. Incidentally though, I quite prefer the requited kind, whih provides at least as much pleasure and vastly less pain.

[ Favorites ]
Favorite Animal: Cats, I suppose.
Favorite Sport: Baseball, to watch. If I have to participate, I absolutely loathe every sport ever invented.
Favorite Color(s): Purple, red, interesting shades of bluish-green and greenish-blue. Any really bright color.
Favorite Friend(s) Offline: I don't quite have offline friends. I mean, I do, but I only talk to them once every year and a half or so. I suppose Renna is my "favorite."
Favorite Friend(s) Online: metacarp, obviously.
Favorite Band(s): David Bowie's.
Favorite Movie(s): Blah, I don't do movies.
Favorite Movie Quote(s): See above.
Favorite Store: !!!! I don't believe in donating free advertising to capitalist enterprises unless they've done something awfully good to me to earn that. None of them have.
Favorite Shoe: Gosh, I'd never given any thought before to whether I prefer the left one or the right one. I'm going to have to think that one over.
Favorite Scent: Orange trees in bloom have a deliciously overwhelming scent.
Favorite Author: See gaylemadwin's LJ interests list.
Favorite Books: The books written by those people, obviously.

[ Random Questions ]
Do You Wear Make-up?: Never. Never have, never will.
Which is more important, personality or looks?: Personality, of course.
What kind of personality do you like in a significant other?: It's quite important that my significant others be quiet antisocial hermits.
Do you move fast or slow in a relationship?: I'm inclined to say fast, because I don't get into relationships in the first place unless I'm distinctly enthusiastic.
Would you ever ask someone out?: Yes. I prefer to be the one who asks.
Do you prefer blondes or brunettes? The darker hair is, the better I tend to like it.

[ Love, life and friends ]
What is the first thing you notice about someone?: I don't know how to answer this. I expect I'd notice right away if they were breathing fire at me.
When's the last time you cried?: It would have been within the last day or two, and from happiness.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? No, never have.
How far have you gotten in bed?: Quite a long way. I am pleased.
Do you like someone right now?: Yes! Imagine that! I know you were expecting that over the course of taking this very long survey I would have ceased to!
Do they know?: Yes! I don't think he's due to get Alzheimer's and forget for a good long while yet.

[ Within the last 24 hours, have you... ]
Had a serious talk?: Maybe if the discussion on my mailing list counts as a serious talk.
Hugged someone?: No.
Gotten along well with your parents?: I've been exchanging email with my mother regarding Governor Gray Davis's faults. I said I didn't vote for him because he's evil. She said she did vote for him because he's merely hopelessly incompetent rather than outright evil. I reiterated that he is EVIL. As you can see, it was not a highly intellectual debate.
Fought with a friend?: No.

[ Do you like to... ]
Give hugs?: Really I don't, unless I'm in love with the person receiving the hugs. Touchy-feeliness with mere friendly acquaintances is not my style. I really only touch people if I intend to finish what I started.
Give back rubs?: This is not a strong point of mine.
Take walks in the rain?: It has a certain appeal, provided that the rain is not too hard nor accompanied by freezing cold and the walk is not very long.
Use chapstick?: Yes, but it doesn't seem to do any good.
Fill these survey things out?: Yes.

[ In the last month have/did you... ]
Drink?: No.
Smoke?: No.
Drugs?: Since when is "drugs" a verb? No, I did not drugs.
Have Sex?: Well, I'm lacking a partner.
Made Out?: No.
Go on a date?: No.
Go to the mall?: No.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: No Oreos at all.
Eaten sushi?: No.
Been on stage?: No.
Been dumped?: No.
Have someone be unfaithful to you?: No.
Watched The Smurfs?: No.
Hiked a mountain?: No.
Made homemade cookies?: No.
Been in love?: Yes! Still!

[ More stuff ]
Are you popular?: I don't know what that's supposed to mean these days. At work, absolutely definitely not. In my particular corner of LJ, pretty much so I suppose. In school, when I was in school, certainly not.
Are you pretty?: That's a good word for my appearance, yes.
What is your favorite phrase to say?: I mostly specialize in not talking. I endeavor to limit my conversations to nods, grunts and gestures as much as possible.
What are you wearing?: Ha, I completed the striptease and took my shower and came back. Now I'm wearing a purple sheet.
Do you have one of THOSE voices?: It's sort of squeaky, but could be worse.
Do you have any body mods? Yes, but not intentional ones. Aside from extensive tooth-straightening, which was my parents' idea rather than mine.
Do you have any bad habits?: An exceptional ability to accumulate clutter and grime in my living quarters.
You ever have that falling dream?: No.

[ Either/Or ]
Cold or hot?: Hot.
Lace or satin?: Lace. I've never really understood what's supposed to be so special about satin.
Blue or Red?: Red.
Rain or snow?: Snow in Sacramento would be highly entertaining.
Wool or cotton?: Cotton, definitely. Wool is completely intolerable.
Private school or public school?: I abhor private schooling.
Chocolate milk or plain milk?: Either. Depends on my mood.
Spring or Fall?: Whichever.
Bath or shower?: Shower.
Paranoid or Cautious?: Cautious.
Heights or Crowds?: I'm good with heights. Crowds are not usually exactly scary, but they do tend to irritate me.
Half-full or half-empty?: Depends on whether it's in the process of being filled or in the process of being emptied.
Top or bottom?: Top.
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