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Rich American Women Seeking Female Genital Mutilation

Funny, I thought males were the ones who were supposed to worry about the length of their sexual organs. But according to this article that I found by clicking from Rachel Kramer Bussell's site, a lot of women are eager to pay $10,000 to have their labia shortened.
"Ironically, when the same procedure is performed in some parts of Africa and the Middle East, Westerners denounce it as genital mutilation. But in the U.S., we call it cosmetic enhancement and pay beaucoup bucks to get it done. The possible side effects of the operation -- including infection, chronic pain and loss of sensation -- are just as horrific in the First World as in the Third."

According to the poll on the website, 78% of women are not interested in getting their vulvas surgically altered, but 22% of women would consider the surgery - 11% of them said they'd consider it simply because they think their vulvas are "unsightly," and another 11% said they'd consider it "but only if it would enhance sexual pleasure."

Well, I didn't even know there was a standard of beauty for vulvas, but now that I've been informed, I'm sitting here trying to imagine what an "unsightly" vulva would consist of, and how 11% to 22% of women could have acquired one.

It's awfully difficult to imagine.
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