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California's "Three Strikes" Law

A Tale of Two California Shoplifters: one who stole $300 worth of videotapes from Kmart for his wife and children to watch, who has served seven years in prison for it already and is sentenced to 50 years total - compared to Winona Ryder, who stole $10,000 worth of clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue and got no jail time.

Incidentally, California has the most ridiculous "three strikes" law imaginable. Steal $1 worth of bubblegum on three separate occasions, and you could be in prison for the entire rest of your life. But will the U.S. Supreme Court overturn it? Of course not.

. . .

In other news, my legs hurt an awful lot right now. They hurt because I bought myself a gift of leftist political magnetic poetry from Northern Sun which mysteriously failed to arrive with the shipment it was supposed to arrive in, but which did finally arrive yesterday after I wrote and complained, so yesterday I tried to put it on my freezer but quickly discovered that there was no room left on my freezer to add a new set . . . so on a whim I decided to transfer all words starting with the letters a through m down to the bottom of the refrigerator near the floor (I had to put them near the floor because the upper half of my refrigerator is reserved for the words "I love you" spelled out with magnets on my refrigerator by Jeremy on August 3rd), and leave the words starting with the letters m through z on my freezer. The words had already been separated out into these two alphabetical groups on left and right halves of my freezer on a previous whim, but transferring the left half down to near the floor required a lot of deep knee bends last night and my legs are rather angry at me about that today.

The next time someone asks me what exercise regimen I follow, I shall tell them that my exercise regimen is moving magnetic poetry around.
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