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Survey Adapted from Kasper

Out of your LJ friends & friends-of lists, who...

... was born the same year as you?
Um, anyone born in 1976? The LJ directory claims that absolutely nobody on either my friends or friends-of list was born in 1976. I'm shocked.

... is the oldest?
Well, john_ashcroft is if he counts. Among people whose journals I'm reasonably confident are not being written by impostors, confesstome is three months older than eve_l_incarnata.

... is the youngest?

... lives in the same city as you?
allyscully, evillilkittie and lm.

... lives in the same house as you? ;)
Uh, does gaylemadwin count?

... have you known for the longest time?
joannasatana (since March 1999), followed by lentrot (since September 1999), brighton74 (since February 2000), frankepi (since March 2000), princesswitch (since April 2000), legolastn (since February 2001), inkstained (since April 2001) and rampling (since April 2001). With the exception of rampling, I recruited all of these people to LiveJournal myself.

... have you known for the shortest time?
friendlyheretic is the most recent person to add me, followed by sarianna; and before that, doomed_airliner is the most recent person I added.

... do you think you know the most about?
Hmm. ::gives this question a considerable amount of thought::
I suppose it's metacarp. Though I really feel that the amount of information about him I've managed to wring out so far is far too inadequate. Sometime soon I think I shall make him a questionnaire of all the missing information I can think of and have him fill in the blanks.

... do you think knows the most about you?
Hmm. I think frankepi might. But it depends I suppose on what types of knowledge you prioritize as counting more than other types of knowledge. I don't count face-to-face observation as being worth much at all, whereas many people would count it for a lot. I count longtime observation of me on my mailing list and in past relationships with others as being worth a lot.

... have you chatted with online (real time)?
annaclaire, arsenothelys, asrai_d, baebutch, brighton74, bulletme, butterickcole, compound, deadinmotion, dlfke, elfbabe, emilys, evillilkittie, experimentego, frankepi (but not in over a year ): ), infidel, inkstained, joannasatana (but not in almost two years ): ), kshatri, lentrot, misterkrista, monkeyinboots, noog, sapphiretrance, soulmyst, transliberation, volsi. (See, and people have the audacity to complain that I'm never on AIM! For someone who's never on AIM I've sure managed to chat with an awful lot of people on it.)

... do you exchange e-mails with on a regular basis?
I exchange email with metacarp on more of a semi-regular basis than with anyone else on LJ, but inkstained would be in second place. transliberation sends me emails possibly more often than anybody else, but they are hardly ever of a type that requires any reply. I've also exchanged email with sapphiretrance and princesswitch several times lately.

... do you love?
I love metacarp with the fewest reservations, in the most "no holds barred" kind of a way. But I love all of you to some extent or other.

... do you admire?
The ones that come to mind are metacarp, frankepi and deadinmotion for their knowledge of international politics, postmaudlin and doubleplusgood for their poetry, misterkrista for her supermom powers, fatfeistyfemme and illscientist for their career management risktaking, and theobscure and acidcrys for surviving.

... is the most gorgeoussssss?
You know, I really do not believe in just throwing myself at the most physically beautiful person in sight without even bothering to find out what their mind is like, so I shall just have to claim it's random coincidence that the most physically beautiful person I've ever seen happens to be in a relationship with me. I mean, okay, his pictures did somewhat contribute to increasing my interest in immediately importing him to California for sexual purposes - but I could not possibly have known at that time that metacarp was going to step off the plane looking a hundred million times better than any of the photographs of him ever did. I had in fact been assuming that he could not possibly look nearly as sexy in person as he did in photographs, and I was resigned to just learning to live with that.

... is the most poetic?
postmaudlin and doubleplusgood are going to be studied by college English majors for many generations to come.

... is the most unique?
I pick annaclaire.

... post the best pictures in their entries?
Hmm. I think I shall pick groovycat for this one.

... have you cried over?
metacarp and frankepi.

... have you had an argument with?
frankepi, freeze_dried, inkstained, princesswitch and fatfeistyfemme. Hey, that's pretty good - I can't recall having engaged in anything argumentlike with anyone else who's still on my LJ friends list. Wait, does that mean I just hardly ever resolve arguments and remain friends once I get into an argument? I'm not sure if I should be pleased about that or not.

... have you talked to on the phone?
No one on my entire LJ friends list. No one at all. Somebody phone me! Oh wait, I never answer the phone so you can't possibly. Hmm.

... have you met face to face?

... have seen your bedroom?

... have you watched a movie with?
metacarp. Well, a videotape of a stage play; does that count? And an original Star Trek episode too. If neither of those counts then I haven't watched a movie with any of you.

... have you ever eaten a meal with?

... have you been in a relationship with?
metacarp (primary relationship, sexually consummated with much pleasure for all involved) and frankepi (secondary relationship, online only, which has occasionally been forced to suffice as my only relationship when my primary one ended; Frank is one of those people who irritatingly only pays any attention to me a few days per year, but in those rare emergencies when I'm shrieking and sobbing and banging my head against walls, provided that I let out a sufficiently piercing shriek, Frank usually shows up and says a few sentences of the most incredibly sweet things ever, after which he promptly vanishes again for ages but at least he manages to slightly steady my foothold on sanity first).

... have you had sex with?
metacarp (physical sex, nearly four months ago now, repeatedly, with much glee) and inkstained (cybersex, a year and a half ago, only once, but it was quite a good experience).

... have you married?
None. No, wait! In the spring of 1999, I married joannasatana in the BowieNet chatroom. Then we got into an argument about where to go for the honeymoon, plus she invited another woman to join us in our marriage bed on our wedding night whereas I said I wanted temporary monogamy for the duration of the honeymoon, so we ended up getting divorced about an hour after the wedding.

... have you made babies with?
None. Definitely none, because being female and all, I'm quite sure I'd have noticed.

... have you lived with?
None, unless two weeks with metacarp counts.
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