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Edward Stein and Me

Last spring I gave a radio interview over the phone which I was expecting would be broadcast right away and (and whenever it does get broadcast, it's going to be archived online afterwards so everyone can hear it and the sound of my voice will, of course, give away my gender) but I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for it to be broadcast and it hasn't been yet. Today Kyle of the Myst Collective was reminding me that he wants to hear my voice, which in turn reminded me of the interview, so I went to check again if it had been broadcast, but now I'm not even mentioned on the "Upcoming Shows" list anymore. So I finally wrote and asked the guy who interviewed me what's going on. I got a reply within minutes: "I'm lining up an interview with Edward Stein, author of The Mismeasure of Desire: The Science, Theory and Ethics of Sexual Orientation, which is what I would like to pair your interview with. I think I'll have that out in October."

I get put on a par with Edward Stein!!! I think I'll have to finally get around to reading his book now, just for that. So far all I've read is the introductory chapter available on Edward Stein's website. It's quite a good introductory chapter, though. I definitely recommend clicking the link and reading it.
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