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Of Vanishing Mailboxes and Vanishing Weekends

Uh, the mailbox out front for depositing outgoing mail has mysteriously vanished without a trace. If this is another new innovation of the crazy lady who's taken over the management of my aparment complex, I shall seriously have to strangle her. There is no way in hell that I should have to go driving in search of one of those big blue public mailboxes every single time I need to mail a check for my electric bill.

In other news, I have been assigned $25 worth of overtime this weekend. This is quite stupid because $25 is such a miniscule amount as to be meaningless to me, whereas the weekend time is profoundly meaningful to me. There's something wrong with the system when I am not allowed to turn such bad deals down. I demand a bidding process! The employers should just have to offer more and more and more money for overtime until one of the employees voluntarily deems the amount of money acceptable and agrees to do the work. No more of this just telling us we have to do it.
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